Switzerland, the very first thought that strikes your mind after hearing the name of this place is the mountains covered with white snow. Switzerland is truly a heavenly place to visit and is also considered as the most chosen places for summer and winter sports. High mountain peaks, waterfall rushing through them, cable cars, skiing etc. Are trademarks of this place carrying natural scenery effect. World famous swiss chocolates and some of the amazingly designed and stylish watches, is what Switzerland is known for and apart from these things, there are various other places to visit while you travel to Switzerland.

Places to Visit

Switzerland is situated as such that it shares its border with Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein and thus Switzerland got its name of being a landlocked country. There are many attractive places to visit which will give you a lifetime memory to restore:

 First Revolving Restaurant :

Travelling through various means like train and cable cars, you reach a 2970m high mountain, Schilthorn, from where you can even view some of the UNESCO’s World Heritage i.e Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger mountains. You can even enjoy Swiss delicacies at Piz Gloria, which is the world’s first revolving restaurant and can also enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view while dining.


First revolving restaurant


Breathtaking Waterfalls :

Another prospect adding to the beauty of this place is its waterfall. A high-steep waterfall creates some amazing sight and completes the landscape in every manner. Wengen and Murren, part of the Lauterbrunnen Valley, are places where you will be amazed to see the waterfalls that are endless i.e. Coming from nowhere and going nowhere.

Breath-taking waterfalls


Jungfraujoch :

This mountain peak is a home to the highest altitude railway station, Jungfrau railway, which is at the height of 3454m. Coming at the highest point, you can enjoy some marvelous view of the nearby mountain range, through Sphinx hall which acts as an observatory deck for enjoying the view of different glaciers. This mountain also comprises of the Ice Palace, where you will find each and every thing made of Ice, even the walls.




Land Between Two Lakes :

Down below the Swiss mountains exist a valley which is popularly known as Interlaken mainly because of its location. This valley which is between the two lakes i.e Thunersee and Brienzersee, embraces a feeling of typical Switzerland. Here you will find everything for which Switzerland is famous like Swiss Watches, chocolates, Swiss delicacies etc.


Land between two lakes


Aletsch Glacier :

This is a 22 km long glacier and is the longest and irresistible glacier in the Alps. It takes around two hours for travelling the complete glacier and is also amongst UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Your tour to Switzerland is incomplete if you don’t visit this easy to access the glacier.


Aletsch Glacier