The summers have started to make things hot in India, and it’s also the time when most of the institutes are off for summer vacations. In this season, you might be planning to visit some of the colder areas around the world and make sure to utilize all the time that you have to enjoy these vacations. But there might be multiple options making to your mind and this gives you a sense of confusion as where to go or which place should be the best.

Here we are providing you a list of some of the top holiday destinations which you should not miss to visit because of various reasons bound to different locations. These places will surely mesmerize you with its beauty and you may have the best time of your vacations:


Jammu and Kashmir, India :



Covered with Himalayan range and scenaric beauty of this place will certainly make you go WOW about the place. Known as the heaven on earth, this place has always attracted tourists but was for some time neglected by tourists because of some anti social activities, but now the things are back on track and the number of tourists has increased in the past few years. Floating Houses, Dal Lake and the natural beauty are some of the reasons for which you should visit this place.


Lower Mustang, Nepal :



This place is known for its bio-diversity and is also famous for being the base of the world’s highest mountain peak, Mt. Everest. Diversified wildlife, some natural wonders and culture of this place along with the hospitality of locals are enough reasons for you to visit this place. This place is also famous by the name of “forbidden kingdom”, but now it has made its place among travel destinations.


Abu Dhabi, UAE :



This city of the Emirates has actually turned the sand into gold and has also been the preferred city than Dubai. Not only corporate, this place has also sky scrapers which has always created a center of attention for the tourists visiting this place. This place is the best example of preserving its culture along with being modern with the recent time changes. You should visit this place to enjoy the desert safari, various cultural activities, awesome belly dance and its art festivals.


Wellington, New Zealand :



Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, adds up to the list of the hottest destinations because of its peaceful environment, natural beauty, rocking nightlife and much more. The food here is just awesome and this can be much of a surprise that it overshadows the significance of shopping even for Shopaholics. Cheapest city to live in among the renowned travel paradises and the people here and their conduct has made this a worthy place to visit among tour destinations.


Sochi, Russia : 



Located between the waters of the Black Sea and mountain range Caucasus, the city of Sochi sometimes is also treated as the summer capital of Russia (not officially). Snow skiing is the most eminent sports which you could enjoy in this part of Russia and many other astonishing sports as winter Olympics of 2014 will be around soon. Sochi is also investing in creating a miraculous island called Federation Island on the verge of Middle East countries which will certainly take your heart away.


Budi Lake, Chile : 



This coast which is also known as a district Lago Budi was once destroyed by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in the early 1960 because of which this place has also some historical importance. This has brought this coast of only saltwater lake in South America in the list of best travel destinations and here you can enjoy the life of the medieval period with the native people living here.


Seoul, Korea :



This bustling city has a lot to offer the first-time visitor, so when you visit the South Korean peninsula get damn ready to splurge at your peak because of the food, galleries, ancient places, museums, shopping the city has it all. You can find Seoul the epitome of past with modernity cocktail and this makes it one of the most interesting and culturally vibrant travel destinations of Asia.


Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil : 



Beaches, Food, Places, Nightlife and Awesomeness are the synonyms of this wonderful city. Rio makes you fall in love with everything it provides you be it overview of the scenic beauty, the highlight of the culture or body flaunts of the most happening beaches of the world. The only problem with tourist destination is you will have cravings to get back here as soon as have left this place.


Dubrovnik, Croatia :



Lord Byron proclaimed it ‘The pearl of the Adriatic’ and him was not overstating it. After the 1667’s massive earthquake the city has suspended the historic core but the Baroque’s planner has reshaped the medieval town ever since. Monasteries, Museums and Churches are the evidence of eventful history that are carved with ornaments that lets tourism in Croatia at par.


Glacier National Park – USA :



One of its kind, this national park is wilderness at your doorstep. The mountains of Glacier National Park began forming 170 million years ago. It’s a lifetime adventure for enthusiasts who love to dwell in the edge case scenarios with nature and wildlife. The place has almost original native plants and species. Park accommodation features historic hotel and lodges if you just need and easy escape from life.