Come and visit the amazing canal side city also known as Venice of North. It’s impressive architecture and more than 1,500 bridges will blow your mind and make your visit a life time experience of exotic visits. The most amazing fact about this city is that it is small as compared to other large cities of Europe and can be easily traversed completely within few days. Rather than witnessing streets densely filled with cars, you will notice long bike lanes and hence while traveling entire city you can feel freshness in the air.


City of Amsterdam


Five things you must do in amazing Amsterdam :

1. Watch Amsterdam’s colorful past come alive : If you love history and museums are your destination then Amsterdam is your heaven on earth. Amsterdam’s Historical Museum is a gem: illuminating, vibrant, precious. With a computer generated 3D map it shows you the glimpse of 800 year old legacy of this historical city which takes you back in the same era.




2. Explore why it’s called canal side city : Encircled around 1500 cross bridges and 165 eye pleasing canals the city seems ineffably beautiful. Lose yourself in the maze of canals or enjoy the picturesque sitting in authentic cafes and galleries lined at the bay. Prinsengracht and historic Brouwersgracht, lined by shady trees and funky houseboats are the must see points.


canal side city


3.  Thrill your taste buds with Raw Herring : You won’t stop licking your finger for days after eating the Amsterdam’s well renowned soused raw fish “Raw herring” that has a very strong and exotic taste. Public of Netherland have been eating raw herring for ages and its hugely popular in Amsterdam.


raw herrings


4.  Skate like never done before : Delve yourself in Dutch obsession of Ice Skating. In January when the winter is on peak. The whole Amsterdam gets mesmerised in its Ice Skating obsession and takes you as well in its joy full ride. Named after world title winner Jaap Eden rink is the perfect place to find the Dutch at play.


ice sketing       ice sketing1


5. Drink as Dutch do: The Dutch way of drinking will change your way of drinking forever. Amsterdam’s most drinking cafes are available to you from early morning till you can’t drink anymore’oClock. You can never match up to the range of drinks offered here, the most old and popular cafe Thijssen will take care of the rest for you.