Why do we need a website?




Today for every small or big business everyone needs an identity and exposure and a website easily performs that job. Websites are the easiest way to promote your business and attract attention so that you can sell your product or services and that’s why it has become a very vast business for many web designing companies and open source developers.  Websites made for any company or business speaks for itself so every time while making a website it should be kept in mind that it should be attractive so that it can retain the users and the same time reflect your organization’s identity.

How to make attractive website

Here are the certain ways which can make your website attractive and make it look stand out of the competition as innovation is the only way of being ahead in the market :

1.     Be simple yet creative : 

Thousands of websites are launched everyday by hundreds of your competitors, visit those sites and analyze the difference that how can your website be different from your competitors. It shouldn’t have to be ostentatious with loud colors all the time rather it should be intuitive for every user. There are lots of websites designing companies in India and anyone can easily help you perform the job.

 2.     Visual Treat :

An attractive website helps visitors to stay there rather swathing to another website. As a picture can say a thousand words incorporating relevant pictures in your website makes it more interesting and easy to fall through. When a user sees a picture rich web page he tends to spend more time there and can’t wait to click on the next picture.

 3.     Smart choice of colors :

Color schemes are the soul of a website, it will only look attractive only and only if has the right combination of colors. Be it simple color schemes but it should be the right combination of colors. If you are not an expert of colors you can always seek help of web designing companies. Big companies like Facebook, Digg,  Vimeo all have very simple color schemes that make users feel light and contacted.

4.     Use of HTML5 and CSS3 :

This cutting edge technology takes your website to the next level. The Power of HTML5 and magic of CSS3 lift your website way above the other competitor’s website. CSS3 animation, transition properties are the treat for every web designer and html5 with Java script gives the website dynamic recognition.

 5.     Avoid Too much graphics :

Don’t clutter your website with too many graphics, remember a website should be informative rich not a bank of graphics.  Make a text rich website as it enhances the google rank as well as usability.  Use graphics only to support your text content not just to simply decorate your site as too much graphics only makes users irate.

 6.     Use Frameworks :

Frameworks like Magento and Joomla are very good source for making beautiful  eCommerce websites. They provide very powerful CMS that lets you to manage even the bulky sites very easily and saves from a severe pain. These frameworks are highly scalable and are very flexible for every purpose website. We at MMS deals with magento web development as to make sure that the latest technology is used while creating a website for you.

 7.     Integrate social media :

Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin are the most used social media which are integrated those days. As a big part of website user is youth and they like to be anyhow connected with these social media and share whatever and wherever they like. Social media plays a very big role to make any website a huge hit and that too very soon.

We at Moon Micro System have a team of dedicated employees who are well verse with the tools which help us in providing the services to our esteemed clients as the best website development company.