Singapore acts as the host for millions of travelers every year. It is the busiest cosmopolitan city with a mix of cultures. Tourism is the main industry in Singapore and it offers a long list of places for tourism to visit and explore. It is a shopping hub showcasing the elite brands from all over the world. It serves a variety of cuisines to suit the palates of tourists from different parts of the globe. The serene beauty and cleanliness make it a perfect place to holiday.


Singapore is filled with places to visit. You can visit the lush green woods and enjoy the safari and you can also visit the gigantic malls and shop all day long for a never ending variety of products. But there are certain places that should not be missed at any cost. Here is the list.

  • Singapore Night Safari

Visiting a nocturnal zoo on a safari is an enthralling experience. To see a large variety of animals in the lap of nature is a delight for the eyes. The safari helps you explore an area of around 40 hectares and have a close look at the animals resting. It is surely a unique experience.


  • Singapore Zoo

It is yet another place to visit. The zoo is a home for thousands of animals; each of which is unique and rare to find specie. It gives a chance to see the never seen animals. It is fun for kids to enjoy such a sight. It is an open zoo with the best of the facilities and   cleanliness.  It is a zoo crafted in a natural way.


  • Botanic Gardens

After seeing a variety of animals, exploring different kinds of plants is a mesmerizing experience. Located in the middle of the city, botanical gardens are spread across 64 acres of land showcasing thousands of varieties of plants. The serene beauty of these lush green gardens is spell-binding. A nice walk in the cool morning is the best time to visit the garden and get some fresh and refreshing air. It is a perfect way to start the day.

Botanic Gardens

  • China Town

Beautiful bright red color is the color of China. China Town is a perfect setting which showcased the living style and culture of China in the 19th century. It is a best way to get the feel of this culture. All shops dipped in red color are a treat for the eyes. This is a great place to shop some unique Chinese stuff.

china Town

There is still a long list of places that need to be explored but the above mentioned places need not be missed at any cost.