Check out the most beautiful places on Earth to see just how amazing… Below are some amazing places all around the world that I find to be extremely beautiful.

1.  Sunken Alcove Garden, New Zealand

sunken alcove garden in New Zealand


2.  Tiny Boat in Colmar, France

tiny boat in Colmar, France


3.  Hanging Cocoon Hammock in The Philippines

hanging cocoon hammock in the Philippines


4.  An Infinity Pool

infinity pool


5.  Carboat in Switzerland

carboat in Switzerland


6.  Tiny Peninsula in Mykonos, Greece

tiny peninsula in Mykonos, Greece


7.  Hanging Hammock on Dedon Island

hanging hammock on Dedon Island


8.  Rooftop Hot Tub in Gothenburg, Sweden

rooftop hot tub in Gothenburg, Sweden


9.  Glass Floor Ocean Cottage in The Maldives

glass floor ocean cottage in the Maldives


10.  Beach At The Lido Beach Resort in Sarasota, Florida

Literally IN the beach at the Lido beach resort in Sarasota, Florida


11.  Treehouse Swing in Granada, Nicaragua

treehouse swing in Granada, Nicaragu


12.  Cave Pool in Satorini, Greece

cave pool in Satorini, Greece