With the increasing dependency on computers and their increasing usage, the threat to the safety of PCs has increased and so has the need to have a safe and secure antivirus. Antivirus keeps the system free from malware which are famous for corrupting the system by inducing malicious files into it in the form of virus, Trojan horses and ad-ware etc. Hence it is always advisable to install software that keeps your computer and your important data protected from these threats.

How to Choose?

Choosing the most appropriate software is the most important task. The choice of the kind of antivirus depends totally on the needs of the system and the needs of the user. Each system and each user have certain specific needs which one needs to be aware of before making a choice. Knowing the operating system, need to upgrade the system, the activities performed on a system like gaming, internet usage etc. helps in picking the best program. The general requirements while making a choice are :


  • A Program with regular updates.
  • A program that is helpful in providing the maximum security to the PC.
  • A program that can act as a safeguard from viral threats.

Due to lack of awareness and knowledge, people end up installing those programs that are neither effective nor do they suit their needs. Most of the people opt for free software in order to have an antivirus installed, even if it has lots of limitations and it fails to deliver quality security.

These days many companies are offering a free trial version of their programs for the users to use and experience the quality service they can provide and then go for a paid version.

Hence it is very important for the user to have knowledge of his needs and the requirements of his system in order to choose the best suited antivirus.

Various Options Available in the Market

There are various options available in the market but it is always wise to choose the best depending upon your needs. Make sure the needs of your computer are satisfied with the option that you pick. Here are a few software which is rated as the best.

a)      Avira :


It is the best option for newer and non-technical users. It works in the background and takes care of all the threats effectively. It’s simple and easy to use.


b)      AVG :


It is a free and effective antivirus with lots of features which keep your system free from malware. It also lets you work smoothly while scanning the system in the background.



c)      AVAST :


It is the best all-round program which keeps your system safe and secures. It also scans emails, attachments and chats for any malware.


d) Malware-bytes :


It uses the latest technology to scan the PC quick and fast. It is reliable and most preferred anti-malware.
These are the most reliable and effective antivirus programs available in the market. We can choose them as per our convenience and keep our PC protected and virus-free.


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