The web is loaded with millions of websites and this number is increasing day by day. To make sure that your site is able to create its special identity and space on the web, it is very important to launch it with all arrangements. Prior research and necessary homework is must design a marketing campaign that can make the launch successful and impressive.

It is must for a new site to attract visitors and increase the traffic inflow because this flow of traffic decides the fate of the site. SEO–Traffic Flow—Sales Growth is a continuous cycle and each element is related to the other two. In the present era of technology, there are a numerous ways to market your site right. Here are a few ways which need not be missed at any cost. Have a look.


  • Utilize Social Media

Social Networking is the most contemporary way of launching and promoting anything and everything. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn is amazing options to make a start. When you are launching your site, make sure you create a profile for each one of these sites with impressive content talking about your company and services that you offer.  Make sure there is a uniformity and consistency of your website and your profile on these social sites.



Social Networking sites are the best platform to interact with a great mass of people without any investments. You can inform them about your offering; you can even answer their queries. It is a great media to interact directly with prospects and customers and keep them well informed thereby generating sales.


  • Leverage from Links

Linking your site with other sites is another way to popularize your site. Create backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links that navigate the user to your website. Sites with backlinks are always rated high by search engines. Links can help in generating traffic flow.



While creating profiles on social networking sites you can link them to your site. This is one way of inviting visitors to visit your web pages. You can also leave comments on articles and blogs concerning your area of business and build links through those comments.


  • Submit Your Site to High PR Directories

Directories are a listing of different sites which are categorized and arranged in a hierarchy. It is very important to submit your website to such directories as they help in generating more traffic to your web pages. Open Directory Project and Yahoo Directory are few such options where you can make submissions.



These strategies surely help in making the launch more effective and impressive. Following the correct strategies can make it a success.


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