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Tips To Get Online Business Opportunities

The latest business trend is 24/7. Customers expect our services round the clock 365 days which is why all businesses are going online so that they can serve their customers before their competitors.  You need to be on your toes to grab every opportunity. But now the question is how to find these opportunities when the whole world is there on the web wanting to grab it all. This article can be of great help to you.

online business

  • Deliver an Experience

Shopping is not just about what you buy it is also about the experience you have while shopping. Make sure your customers have pleasant experiences from the time they visit your site up to the time they receive what they have ordered. The whole process of shopping has to be entertaining and zealous.


  • Social Media

These days every customer and every company are present on the social networking sites. It is the best way to connect with your prospects and your customers on a social platform. It is an interactive medium that helps you communicate with the buyers one to one and help you establish your brand in their minds. It is an easy way to market and promote your business.


  • Be Original and Stay Updated

Make sure the content on your site is original an updated. Customers always seek and appreciate the originality. An updated piece of information can bring compel visitors to visit your site again and again.


  • Write Blogs

If you have content to share, then blogging is the best way to use it in your favor. It is the latest way to promote your business and talk about the new products and services that want to launch. It helps you talk to the people and share what you want to share with them. Regular blogging can help your business earn for free.


  • Article Marketing

It is the best media to attract more and more people on your site. It involves writing articles on different topics by the businesses about the various services and products they offer. The intention is to promote the business.


All these steps are useful in attracting traffic to your site. Once your site is listed with the search engines on top, the opportunities will start to flow all by themselves. Make sure that all the efforts that you put in are able to attract and retain customers. The more the traffic, the more would be the probability of getting the business.


Impact of Reservation on Education System

The intention of “Reservation” was to improve the conditions of the backward castes and communities of the society but the effects of reservation have been severe and damaging. The day a child starts his education by enrolling himself in a school, without choice he has become a part of the vicious circle of reservation. And this quota system doesn’t end here; it stays with us till our last breaths.

reservation 2

It is very important to gauge and analyze the impacts of reservation on education to actually know what good and bad this policy has done to our country since independence.

Impacts :

1.       Division of Society

We are a secular country and equality is must for secularism to survive. Dividing the population on the basis of castes and religions has never done any good for the nation as a whole. Instead of uniting our country, we are segmenting it into fragments.As per the quota system, Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) are the primary beneficiaries of the reservation policies under the Constitution. Their respective quotas in the education system are 15%, 7.5% and 27%.

 2.       Discourages Performers

Students who put in the best of their efforts to make it in the merit are disheartened if they fail to get an admission in a good college due to a reservation. They get discouraged and depressed and such situations lead to frustration and suicidal attempts. Moreover, the reputation of the best institutes in the nation has been deteriorating due to admissions of candidates based on quota and not merit. The quality of professionals that IITs and IIMs are producing now is not up to the standards they have created themselves.

reservation3.       Used For Benefits

People don’t wish to work and study as they want to avail benefits of their caste. And hence, they can never develop and prosper leaving the backward classes where there were without any improvement. People also get fake certificates made to enjoy the benefits of reservation. Even politicians use castes as an effective tool to earn more votes. They divide the society for their own good into vote banks.

4.       Migration of Merits

When good students don’t find admissions in good colleges and good jobs due to reserve seats, they prefer relocating themselves to other countries with better opportunities to perform and make a better living totally based on their performance levels. This has forced many fertile brains to leave the country and settle abroad.

There are various other impacts of this system that have affected the lives and careers of millions of people across the country. It’s high time and this needs attention and amendment. With time the society and the mind-set of the people have also changed and to match up to the present needs to need to incorporate changes that can bring better results.

Ecotourism: The Best Way to Holiday

For those who love to spend time in the lap of nature, ecotourism is the answer. Holidaying the natural way is the latest trend. People are becoming more conscious about the nature and natural resources. Ecotourism is gaining more acceptances with time.

Ecotourism aims at traveling responsibly to the natural sites that conserve the environment and strive to enhance the well-being of the people staying there. The idea is to save and preserve different cultures and traditions in their natural form. It strives to keep everything in its natural way.


Principles of Ecotourism

There is a set of principles that determine if an activity falls under this criteria or not. It should coordinate and conserve the local culture, communities and traditions along with tourism. The principles include :

  • Reduce the influence of the external world.
  • Generate tourism related income to support the local economy.
  • Induce awareness about the environment and culture.
  • Mutual benefits for the visitors and the locals.
  • Develop sensitivity towards the host country, their environment, social climate, etc.
  • Support human rights and labor laws.

All the activities fulfilling these principles will come under ecotourism.


What are the Do’s and Don’ts?

There are certain dos and Don’ts which are to keep in mind as a traveler. One should follow the list given below to have a responsible tour. Make sure you do not influence the nature in any unnatural way and hamper it.

  • Do not cause any kind of pollution.
  • Do not litter. Make sure you dispose of all the non-biodegradable waste properly.
  • Do not leave cigarette butts.
  • Avoid using any kind of electronic equipment at high volumes like radios that can cause noise pollution.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the local area.
  • Do not take pictures without consent. Many locals don’t like being clicked and you should keep that in mind.
  • Do not cook food in the forest.
  • Do not consume alcohol, drugs and other intoxicating elements.
  • Avoid carrying plastics. They are the worst non-biodegradable.
  • Do not use soaps and detergents in natural water bodies for washing or bathing.
  • Observe the sanctity of holy sites, temples and local cultures.


Ecotourism Society of India :

The motive of forming this society is to make sure that good traveling practices are followed. It consists of learned people from the tourism industry and environmentalists. It is an NGO aiming to inculcate a sense of duty towards the nature and the environment in tourism across the country.

So this summer if you are planning a holiday, plan it the natural way. It’s good to be a responsible traveler.

Online Advertising in Modern Era

Change is the only constant in life. With time, technology has transformed the world of advertising and marketing as well. Advertising is the lifeline of marketing.  It is the best tool for marketers to communicate with their customers and prospects to motivate them and convince them to take the desired action.

The way marketers advertise now has transformed. The trend of online advertising has emerged in the recent times after the invention of [dot]com. In business, it is an important tool to increase revenues and generate more profits. It helps in creating and establishing a brand in the competitive market and in the minds of the consumer. Different strategies have been developed after the advent of [dot]com bubble to suit the present modern era. Moon Micro System provides various tech savvy solutions that help you advertise and market your products and services in a more effective manner.

Advertising in Modern Era

Some of the modern techniques used by professionals are as follows :

  • Search Engine Optimization

It is an easy way to make your website easily search across different search engines. It helps in enhancing the chances of search. If you wish to have your site on the top ranks in the process of search, you need to apply SEO. It helps in increasing the number of hits on the website. And a better traffic ensures better revenues. If our website is ranked high then many other related businesses also come up with their advertisements on our site which is an extra income.

  • Blogging

Blogging is the latest way to promote your business. It is posting a discussion or any other information related to any specific topic or business on World Wide Web. It is a kind of an online journal or diary. It allows you to talk about your brand, your services and your business. It is a medium to connect with people from all over the world. There are no strict rules and regulations that define how we should write a blog. It is just a way to express your thoughts. It gives a chance to stay updated with the newest trends and stay connected.

  • Online Article Marketing

It is a way to market your brand and company using the internet with the help of online marketing and e-marketing. It is a way of increasing traffic to your site is through online article marketing. The purpose is to promote a website and get backlinks to your website. Businesses write quality articles on topics related to the products and services they offer. It helps them publicize their offerings in the form of articles. To have a successful article one must give good information in a way that it could inspire people while reading it.

In present times, businesses are using the internet as the medium to promote themselves. It is  a safe and effortless way to earn more profits.

How to Do Email Marketing Effectively

Email marketing is easy yet difficult. The setup required is simple and can be managed conveniently but how doing it right is a little tricky question. Almost all the businesses practice this marketing strategy to reach out to their customers but a very number of businesses are actually able to make a profit out of it.

email marketing

It is very important to understand and know how to use this marketing tool in the right manner. Email marketing doesn’t require a big set up and capital investment. All it needs is a computer and an internet connection to make a start. But the points discussed below would certainly make your job a lot easier and effective.

Focus Your Target Market :

target market

One should know his target market properly. Knowing and understanding the target customers, their lifestyle, their income, their demographics etc. Help in focusing our marketing efforts in a more effective way. It is helpful in making sure that we are delivering our emails to the correct set of customers because otherwise the efforts go waste. For example, if we are promoting our expansive range of perfumes with the middle class consumers then it’s evident that our promotions go in the dustbin. Focus on creating a consolidated list email ids of consumers and prospects so that our mail reaches the correct Inbox.

Understand and Deliver As Per the Demands and Needs of Customers :


Once we have become aware of our target customers, the next thing we need to know is what they seek out of us. Knowing what they want and then delivering it as per their wishes is must for a business to survive and grow. We need to study and anticipate the demands of our consumers. Do they wish a follow up after the purchase, do they want to be reminded of the service expiry dates or do they want to be informed about the new range of products? Our emails should not be just about offers and sales, they should also be informative in the ways consumer is seeking the information. Apart from products and services the business offers, consumers are also interested in keeping themselves updated about products and procedure. For example, we can send mails to the target market explaining the procedure of grievance Redressal etc.


These two steps make your efforts effective and rewarding. Each business should be aware of his target market and demands of the customers. This is an important input which helps in planning the email marketing strategy in a better way. Shooting bulk emails is not the right way to do it. Companies should make sure that the clients acknowledge and open their mails then only it is a success.

Make a Plan for Your Dream Vacation

How do you visualize your dream vacation tour? You wish to visit the backwaters of Kerela or you want to wake up on Adaman and Nicobar Islands or you want to bask on a beach on a sunny morning? Of course you have some plan in your mind but you don’t know how to put that plan into action, may be because you don’t know how to go about it or you are not aware that how much it is going to cost you.


Dream Vacations

Mytravelo is the answer to all your confusions and unfulfilled dream holidays. It is a strong and wide network of experienced travel agents from different parts of the world offering their quality services to design a holiday plan that this beyond your imaginations across all the countries. The network is comprised of numerous agents offering various holiday deals and packages to make your dreams true.


These agents create customized packages that aim to meet all the parameters of your dream tour. They are expert in designing tours of all kinds and types for individuals and groups. From a luxurious and lavish honeymoon trip to Maldives to a perfect family holiday to Europe; they are experienced in molding and modifying the trip as per your subjective demands.


All you need to do is pick up the best agent who you feel can do the needful for you. Mytravelo provides all the basic information about each agent along with their areas of specialization which is mentioned on their profiles. It also maintains an archive of feedbacks for each agent which has been submitted by the travelers who had availed their services. All this information works as the platform for choosing the best suited agent to plan your holiday. Once you have scrutinized a set of prospective planners, you can get in touch with them by posting your holiday needs with basic details like dates of travel, preferred destinations, holiday budget and other specifications. The agents who would want to serve you will get in touch with you via the private messaging service offered by Mytravelo.


You may bargaining to buy the best deal. Once negotiations are over, the agents involve themselves in carrying out all the bookings for your tour which involve traveling bookings, hotel bookings and cab bookings. You may sit back and relax as they are working on your behalf to make this trip a lifetime experience. You are expected to keep your luggage ready and enjoy your vacations.

Tips to Increase Online Conversion

The competition in the market is intense and fierce. E-Commerce websites are fighting to increase their sales. Achieving greater conversions is the prime motto of the companies. E-Commerce sites need to be conversion friendly so that they can attract more visitors and convert them into happy customers. To do that, it is essential to design and develop a site keeping in mind the customer’s perspective and expectations.

Here are few tips to increase online conversion that can surely win you more conversions  :

1.  Understand Your Targets

It is of utmost importance for companies to know that what are their target markets, their demographics, their psyche etc. All these inputs are helpful in understanding what kind of a design they will like, what factors will influence their buying decision, what the visuals will impact them etc.


2.  Proper Placement of Shopping Cart

Shopping cart should be well placed and properly visible. Visitors don’t like to wait and search for basic things. If they are not able to find the cart easily, they end up being dissatisfied.


3.  Easy Navigation

Smooth and comfortable navigation is the key to conversion. A well organized categorical classification helps the visitors browse what they want in a much easier manner. And if they are able to locate what they want, it helps in increasing their satisfaction levels.


4.  Customized Search

Always offer the option to customize the search as per subjective needs. Customize search brings in a lot of comfort by concentrating on the subjective needs out of the vast number of options available. Customers want a big range to choose from but they also want a customized range.


5.  Product Details and Images

A well drafted description consisting of all important product details with high resolution images from different angles are useful for the visitors to clear their doubts and seal the purchase. Proper details are a catalyst in the purchase process.

6.  Convenience to Make Payments Through Different Modes

Customers want ease of payment. Always incorporate different modes of payment like net banking, credit/ debit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery etc. Keeping a variety of options motivates the customer to make payments the way he wants.


7.  Try to Avoid Shipping Charges

Shipping charges can be discouraging. Customers don’t like to pay for the shipping. Free shipping motivates them to make a purchase. You can also define a certain amount beyond which shipping is free. This will allure them to shop in that range.


All these factors contribute in converting a visitor into a customer. You can attract lots of traffic to your site because of your marketing strategies but the battle is won only when the purchase is made. So always ensure that you leave no stone unturned to make it a smooth and happy shopping experience for your shoppers.