While out on a holiday, we always look forward for a comfortable hotel stay to make our trip better. These days, the services and hospitality of the hotels focus on making our stay convenient and relaxing. They provide with all the amenities and luxuries to make our stay a better experience. A room that we hire is equipped with the best of the facilities but it can never be as warm as our home. There are so many things that you miss when you are on a holiday about your home. Here are a few tips that can make your hotel stay more comfortable so that you can make the best out of your holidays.



You might find difficult to fall asleep even in the best of the hotel room with the most expensive furnishings and bed linens. You miss your home, your room, your bed and your pillow and it gets difficult to fetch some sound sleep. To have a much relaxed sleep and feel the warmth of your room and home, it is a good idea to carry your pillow along. It will surely add a few kilograms to your luggage but it is worth it for a relaxing sleep.




Always carry a towel along, it is not only hygienic but also makes your hotel stay comfortable. Although all good hotels and resorts provide you with as many towels as you want but they are not soft. So it is always better to carry your personal towel for a more hygienic and comfortable stay.



Though hotel rooms are well equipped with television sets, DVD players and radios to entertain you but it is good to carry your own stuff like DVDs, CDs, MP3s, laptop etc. to make yourself feel home and you can keep yourself entertained on your holiday and have a much pleasant stay.



Other Necessities

Though there is no requirement for carrying your own stuff as in a good room you will find everything but to make that place more pleasant you must carry your alarm clock, your personal mug for coffee, your chargers and adapters to ensure a hassle free and convenient stay.



These few small things might add some extra weight to your luggage but they surely guarantee a better hotel stays. Adding all these things to your bag will help you sleep well and enjoy more without missing your home too much by creating your own personal space inside the hotel room.