In the past few years, social networking websites have emerged as a great platform for companies to launch, promote and market their products and services in an interactive manner. Companies are strategist marketing campaigns specifically for these social sites. But we need to understand how can we make our campaign better than our competitors and create a more powerful impression on the minds of our target market.



Below is a list of some steps that can be of great help to you for running a successful marketing campaign on Facebook.


  • Have an idea that clicks

It is very important to have a hot selling idea while designing a marketing campaign. The idea should be impressive and sparkling enough to fetch the attention of the audiences and compel them to explore it more and share it with their friends.


  • Incorporate “Call to Action”

A proficient marketing campaign always gives their audiences a liberty for some call to action so that they can share it with people in their contacts and can help your marketing campaign become a success. You should plan to leverage form the contacts of your audiences.


  • Impressive and Attractive Messages

It is very important that your campaigns should motivate the audiences on your home page. When a customer clicks on the promotional link he expects to land on the page which serves his queries and answers his doubts. Generate an impressive landing page exclusively for your campaign which contains all the important details regarding the same.


  • Add Incentives

It is very important to motivate your customers. If you want that they should use their contacts to inform them about your promotions, then you must reward them with some benefits which can attract them to involve themselves in such a task. The number of likes and shares always fetch some rewards.


  • Use Alluring Headlines

To grab the attention of the audience, it is necessary to use powerful words and lines which can create a strong impact on the minds of the customers. Your choice of words and framing of sentences should be meaningful and impressive.


  • Keep it Neutral

Ensure that your promotions are not culture specific or country specific because when you are on a social networking site, you should ensure that your efforts should please a greater mass of people than just a small group.


While designing a promotional campaign for Facebook you need to understand what your customer wants and you should also give him some room to feel excited about it and share it with his friends. You need to win his attention and meet his expectations for a successful campaign.