An eye catching website portfolio design can do wonders for your website. It exhibits your designs in an innovative manner to make clients aware of your work. It speaks for you. A good looking and impressive website design portfolio is an amazing way of attracting and holding the interest of your visitors. It is nothing but a compilation of a work done by you in order to market yourself in a more effective manner.

It is not an overnight task to create an impressive collection. It demands constant efforts. You need to keep doing good work so that you can utilize its benefits later.

Web Design Portfolio2

Here is how you can showcase your work in the best possible manner :

  1. Build up a Good Collection

The most important task is to develop a good collection of your work. Keep doing a good job and keep adding more feathers to your hat so that when you wish to have a portfolio, you can showcase your best projects and market yourself in a better fashion.

  1. Pick up the Best Designs

Once you have developed a decent collection you can select the best of the designs to put them on your website. Make sure whatever work you are planning to put on the website for your clients speaks of qualities like innovation, dedication, uniqueness etc.

Web Design Portfolio

  1. Group Your Collection

It is very important to categorize your designs rather than putting all of them on the site and making a mess out of it. Categories will help the clients view your work in an organized and effective manner. You can group them based on the technology used or themes or purpose. Remember display of work is equally important.

  1. Put Testimonials

Testimonials are the best way of telling the world about your work. Have your clients spoken for your work. Use these feedback’s smartly by placing them so that they are as visible as your portfolios.

  1. Go for Simple Display and Navigation

Always opt for simplicity while showcasing your designs. Ensure that the color schemes are simple but attractive and the layout is easy to navigate. Complicated displays can confuse the visitors. Attractive and simple display sells better.

Web Design Portfolio1

  1. Update Regularly

Make sure you can add and delete designs conveniently because it is must for you to keep adding your new projects to the collection and dropping the old ones. It should be fresh and trendy. Maintain your pace with the changes happening in the market.

These are simple steps that can help you have interesting and eye catchy portfolios which can compel the visitors to browse and look for more.