Germany is the most powerful economy of Europe. Beautiful sceneries, lush green islands, ancient monuments and fairytale castles make it an amazing tourist destination to explore and visit places of different kinds. Oktoberfest is an added attraction for the people visiting Germany. It is the world’s largest fair which is loaded with fun, frolic and beer.

Oktoberfest is…

It is a 17-day long Munich event which is held every year since 1810 in Bavaria, Germany starts in late September and stretches to the first weekend of October. It is the largest fair on the planet which is attended by approximately 6 million people from every corner of the planet. The local people call it “de Wiesn”.



The festival takes place at Theresienwiese, usually called as Wiesn which serves a plethora of beer for millions of people. In 2007, 7 million liters of beer were served to the mass. It is complimented with a wide range of traditional food items to pamper your palates.

Beer served has to be…

Not any kind of beer can be served at the fest. There are certain parameters which are strictly followed. They are:


  • It should be brewed within the boundaries of Munich.
  • It should not contain more than 6% of alcohol

It should be registered under the trademark of Club of Munich Brewers.



Beer confirming the above mentioned points is fit to be served at the fest.

From Past to Present…

On 2 October 1810 marks the beginning of this gala fest when the residents of Munich were invited to the wedding celebrations of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. It was later shifted to September for better weather conditions. And in 2006, the festival was stretched from 16 days to 17 days including 3 October as it is a national holiday. From humongous tents to small ones… From beer to wine… From fish to pork… From music to dance… It is the best destination to have a holiday blast.

17 Days…

These 17 days of the fest are a feast. It is a one stop junction to party hard in a traditional manner. The energy levels are high and party is about 24/7 for more than a fourth night. It is indeed a must place to visit to get the party feel along with the German culture. You can hire travel agents from to plan you a great package deal. These agents will take care of all your hotel bookings and transportation. All you need to do it enjoy the feel of the country.