It is of utmost importance to have a search engine optimized website. But it is always a question that how to go about making site SEO friendly?

The onus of having a search engine optimized website lies on the shoulders of a web designer. He is not involved in just creating the perfect look for the site but he is also the one who is engaged in developing codes for the same. Hence it is very important for them to know and understand that how they can make the site fully optimized.

Here are few SEO guidelines for designers which can be helpful to attain the goal of optimization :

1.  Use Semantic Codes

It is advisable to semantic codes while developing codes for designing the site. It is nothing but adding more meaning to your codes. It is reinforcing structural meaning. It involves using IDs, class names and tags. All this makes it an easier task for search engines to spot your site.


2.  Concentrate on the Content

Nothing can beat the importance of having original and authentic content. Make sure the content on your site is meaningful and makes sense. Do not forget to use SEO keywords to make it easier to search for engines. Informative, original and updated content can surely help you win greater numbers. Remember content is king.


3.  Different Titles and Non-repetitive Content

Name each of your web pages clearly and differently. There should be no overlapping of titles. Once pages are named correctly, ensure that the content on each page is related to the topic. There has to be a strong connection between the title and the matter under that heading. Make sure the matter is not repeated and copied.

4.  Use Specific Links

It is smart to use links on your web pages but how to use them correctly so that search engines can spot them is important. Be very clear and specific when you are putting a link by clearly describing it. It is comfortable for the visitor and also for the search engine to understand and acknowledge what the link is about.


5.  Use Images with ALT Tags

The ALT attribute is used in HTML and XHTML documents to specify alternative text. They are used for images to describe the images. Search engines are able to find ALT images easily when they are searching for keywords so always use SEO keywords while describing the image for better results.


These 5 guidelines can increase the rating and ranking of your website. With better techniques, you can have an SEO friendly site which can attract more visitors and help you earn more business.