Flat designs are about simplicity blended with style. After creating the most complicated designs, designers are now migrating back to basics by creating simple and interesting designs.

Flat is the latest buzz. Lucid, uncomplicated, stylish and colorful- that is the new mantra of the dynamic designers. Keeping it plain yet attractive with comfortable to read content is the latest trend. It is all about creating room for simple solids.

Some Flat Designs…





These designs are so simple and clear. They are interactive and informative. User can easily understand the message behind each one of these.


Goodness of Flat Designs

Of course flat designs have been gaining a great popularity with time. There are various reasons to back it up :

  • Bold and beautiful
  • Simple
  • Colorful and lively
  • Attractive and eye catchy
  • Clean
  • Modern
  • Easy Navigation
  • Great for Responsive Designs
  • Interactive
  • Informative


Good Bye Skeuomorphism

After being used for lot many years, gradually the use of skeuomorphism is declining. It is nothing but an art of making the elements look like objects from the real world or past. Designing the interface using this technique involves a large room of risk because it is not always possible to create something from the real world in a right format. It is very easy to pinpoint the weak areas. Designers have started to bid good-bye to this technique and adapt a more simplified and easy to use flat design technique.


Flat versus Skeuomorphism

There was an era when skeuomorphism was in use in full swing. All websites had beautiful interfaces created out of this technique. But in the present times, the equation has changed and so have the trends. Designers are creating sorted and creative designs attract visitors. The focus is more on style and creativity. Simple can be more effective and impressive than complicated.

Nothing stays constant, in times to come even flat designs will get replaced by some other technology. It is cycle of dynamic changes.