The competition in the market is intense and fierce. E-Commerce websites are fighting to increase their sales. Achieving greater conversions is the prime motto of the companies. E-Commerce sites need to be conversion friendly so that they can attract more visitors and convert them into happy customers. To do that, it is essential to design and develop a site keeping in mind the customer’s perspective and expectations.

Here are few tips to increase online conversion that can surely win you more conversions  :

1.  Understand Your Targets

It is of utmost importance for companies to know that what are their target markets, their demographics, their psyche etc. All these inputs are helpful in understanding what kind of a design they will like, what factors will influence their buying decision, what the visuals will impact them etc.


2.  Proper Placement of Shopping Cart

Shopping cart should be well placed and properly visible. Visitors don’t like to wait and search for basic things. If they are not able to find the cart easily, they end up being dissatisfied.


3.  Easy Navigation

Smooth and comfortable navigation is the key to conversion. A well organized categorical classification helps the visitors browse what they want in a much easier manner. And if they are able to locate what they want, it helps in increasing their satisfaction levels.


4.  Customized Search

Always offer the option to customize the search as per subjective needs. Customize search brings in a lot of comfort by concentrating on the subjective needs out of the vast number of options available. Customers want a big range to choose from but they also want a customized range.


5.  Product Details and Images

A well drafted description consisting of all important product details with high resolution images from different angles are useful for the visitors to clear their doubts and seal the purchase. Proper details are a catalyst in the purchase process.

6.  Convenience to Make Payments Through Different Modes

Customers want ease of payment. Always incorporate different modes of payment like net banking, credit/ debit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery etc. Keeping a variety of options motivates the customer to make payments the way he wants.


7.  Try to Avoid Shipping Charges

Shipping charges can be discouraging. Customers don’t like to pay for the shipping. Free shipping motivates them to make a purchase. You can also define a certain amount beyond which shipping is free. This will allure them to shop in that range.


All these factors contribute in converting a visitor into a customer. You can attract lots of traffic to your site because of your marketing strategies but the battle is won only when the purchase is made. So always ensure that you leave no stone unturned to make it a smooth and happy shopping experience for your shoppers.