Email marketing is easy yet difficult. The setup required is simple and can be managed conveniently but how doing it right is a little tricky question. Almost all the businesses practice this marketing strategy to reach out to their customers but a very number of businesses are actually able to make a profit out of it.

email marketing

It is very important to understand and know how to use this marketing tool in the right manner. Email marketing doesn’t require a big set up and capital investment. All it needs is a computer and an internet connection to make a start. But the points discussed below would certainly make your job a lot easier and effective.

Focus Your Target Market :

target market

One should know his target market properly. Knowing and understanding the target customers, their lifestyle, their income, their demographics etc. Help in focusing our marketing efforts in a more effective way. It is helpful in making sure that we are delivering our emails to the correct set of customers because otherwise the efforts go waste. For example, if we are promoting our expansive range of perfumes with the middle class consumers then it’s evident that our promotions go in the dustbin. Focus on creating a consolidated list email ids of consumers and prospects so that our mail reaches the correct Inbox.

Understand and Deliver As Per the Demands and Needs of Customers :


Once we have become aware of our target customers, the next thing we need to know is what they seek out of us. Knowing what they want and then delivering it as per their wishes is must for a business to survive and grow. We need to study and anticipate the demands of our consumers. Do they wish a follow up after the purchase, do they want to be reminded of the service expiry dates or do they want to be informed about the new range of products? Our emails should not be just about offers and sales, they should also be informative in the ways consumer is seeking the information. Apart from products and services the business offers, consumers are also interested in keeping themselves updated about products and procedure. For example, we can send mails to the target market explaining the procedure of grievance Redressal etc.


These two steps make your efforts effective and rewarding. Each business should be aware of his target market and demands of the customers. This is an important input which helps in planning the email marketing strategy in a better way. Shooting bulk emails is not the right way to do it. Companies should make sure that the clients acknowledge and open their mails then only it is a success.