To synchronize with the changing times, all businesses are developing websites. Ecommerce is the latest buzz in the market and to be a part of it, businesses need websites to display and sell their products and services. To develop a website which is a perfect combination of creativity and utility is not that simple and easy but thanks to WordPress, creating a website has become a much simpler task.

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WordPress is a powerful and flexible Content Management System which is a latest open source platform. It focuses on the designs and look feel of the site along with the functionality. It helps in creating anything that we can imagine from simple to complex customizing it as per our needs. It is a user friendly tool that helps us in creating and managing the website without actually possessing any technical background.


Steps to be followed :

Step 1: Domain Name

We need to buy a domain name for our site which suits our business. Visitors should be able to recognize it and connect it with our business. Against a small payment, we can get the domain name of our choice provided it’s available.

Step 2: Decide the Hosting Service

The next step is to decide on which hosting services do we wish to pick. We have the following options:

  • Let WordPress host our content on their site
  • Install WordPress software on our server which can be downloaded from along with the steps that need to be followed to complete the procedure. It is available for free because it is open source. WordPress 3.2 is the latest version available.

We need to login to the site and fill in all the details that we are asked for like our name, email id, name of our site etc. Once all these details have been entered, we receive a confirmation mail in our Inbox which we need to accept by clicking on the link given.

Step 3: Pick a Theme

The next step after downloading and installing the software is picking a WordPress Theme. There are a large variety of themes to choose from, some are free and some are paid. We can pick that skin that suits our business needs. The theme that we choose forms the basic look of our site which stays consistent across different web pages.

Step 4: Start Building

Once we have chosen the theme, we are ready to create pages and upload data on each page along with images, videos, flash and plug-ins. The plug-ins make our site more functional. Once we have uploaded all the content on the site. It’s ready to be used and fully functional. We can update it from time to time.


Four simple steps and the website are ready to rock. Technology has surely made things so effortlessly. We just need to know what steps to follow. The above mentioned steps surely make the task sorted.