Twitter ranks high on the list of favorite social networking sites. There is no doubt that it attracts loads of traffic. In the past few years, it has emerged as a popular social platform to interact and get connected with different people. Because of its simplicity and amazing features, greater numbers of people are joining this networking site which can be leveraged for benefiting the business. Hence it is a smart medium to get more traffic to your business website for free.




The Moon Micro System has a team of SEO experts who can provide customized services tend to generate more traffic to your site using social networking sites, out of which Twitter is one rich option. To use Twitter as a tool for increasing traffic to your website, here are a few steps which can be of great help to your business.


  • Make sure your profile is interesting

Impressive, interesting and informative profile can fetch you a great amount of attention. This acts as your face and is responsible for creating a first impression on your visitors. Make sure you keep it simple, sweet and yet informative to introduce yourself and your business to the visitors.


  • Use your site URL in your profile

Always make sure that you have provided your URL in your bio to get more traffic on your site. If you miss to mention your URL, then you are missing on a golden chance to get more visitors to your site without an additional cost.


  • Connect with your acquaintances on Twitter

It is essential that you invite all your clients, buyers, customers, prospects and other acquaintances to your profile by informing them about your Twitter page and connecting with them by sending a mass invitation.

  • Socialize

Consistency socializing pays you big time. It is advisable that you respond to your posts seriously and promptly. By doing this, you can win the confidence and trust of your audiences by acknowledging their presence and compelling them to follow you more.


  • Be consistent and regular

Be regular in tweeting. It doesn’t take too long to post your tweet but it creates a great impact by showing your promptness and consistency which is essential to keep your followers happy.


  • Benefit from Twitter Feed

Configure your feeds by visiting  which can help you attract a greater number of visitors.


These are some ways in which you can get more traffic using Twitter. Professionals in Moon Micro System can help you by consulting on how you can increase the traffic inflow by creatively utilizing your Twitter account.