Trekking is fun and adventurous for those you wish to add some thrill and chili flakes to their lives. Climbing mountains and hills induce your body with high levels of confidence and energy.




Treks vary in terms of the difficulty levels which depend on the distances, altitudes, ascents and descents. It is always advisable to do your homework and make necessary preparations before the trek to ensure a great trekking tour. You can also hire professional planners who can design a great trekking trip for you. is an amazing junction to find some superb tour operators who can design any kind of a trek for you as per your choice. You can leave all your tensions to Mytravelo tour operators but there are certain things that you need to manage at your own end for a great experience.


Rocking Tracking Experience1


Here are some tips which can make your rock trekking trip a spectacular experience :

  • Get started with training

It is very important to train your body for trekking so that you can build up strong stamina to keep you going without falling sick or getting tired too soon or injuring yourself. The trek conditioning program gradually makes your body fitter for trekking.


  • Pick the right shoes and socks

Comfortable shoes are a must to support your walk. Pick a good quality hiking shoes with ankle protection. Make sure they fit you perfectly. Also ensure that before going for your trekking trip you have worn them enough to get their fill. Make a point that you wear socks with your shoes. Pick good quality socks which can absorb your sweat and preferably water-proof so that you don’t feel the discomfort when you have trekked for long.


  • Start with regular walking and exercising

It is important to develop the stamina to walk large distances or different terrains. Simultaneously it is equally important to strengthen your muscles which can do done by incorporating some exercises which can impart strength to your legs. If possible, then pick a terrain which has a resemblance to your actual trek terrain. Practice wearing the shoes, socks and clothes that you have bought for your trip as a dress rehearsal so that you can measure the comfort levels. Also practice with your backpack to increase your stamina.


  • Keep hydrating your body

Trekking demands lots of energy and induces immense sweating so it is important to keep your cells and tissues hydrated by consuming water frequently in small quantities.


  • Walking poles

It is a great way of giving some support to your legs and knees. Always carry one.


These are some very useful points which should be incorporated into your schedule while going for a trek trip. Using these tips can enhance your whole experience manifold.