The world has loads of options to offer. But this convenience is causing lots of inconvenience. The young minds are in a confused and chaotic state. They are lacking focus and concentration. They are not clear what they want to make out of their lives. And what tops it all is the availability of a counselor who can listen to them, understand them and guide them based on their likes and dislikes. They need a mentor!



Technology has made the whole world available to them in one click but they don’t have the minds and the ability to use this beautifully created tools to help us. Technology to them is mobile phones, social networking, virtual games and full stop… that’s it… nothing less and nothing more! Alarming it is! To have a better tomorrow, we need to have clear headed and focused teenagers. Hence counseling is must to help them.


  • Clarifies Doubts

It helps in resolving doubts and bringing clarity in the minds. There are a thousand things about which we are unclear and in doubt because of the plethora of options that are hovering around. It can be related to trivial issues or the major ones. Most of the students do not even know how to plan and carry out their studies. They have no idea of how to manage their time. How would such students engage themselves in planning? Then need counseling!

  • Gives Direction

A confused teenager can never have a clear direction. He is not aware where is he heading and what plans he has for his future. In such a scenario, the future of those is actually in the dark. He needs help to bring some light in his present and in future.

  • Develops Focus

When there is clarity and direction, focus will come into picture automatically. We cannot develop focus directly, we first need to create a base to help him think clearly and then direct his energies towards a goal. If the young generation is able to decide a goal for themselves and then concentrate on them, their success is a surety.

  • Helps Distinguish Right from Wrong

The whole problem revolves around not being able to spot the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Hence the teenagers are not able to take a right decision. This leads them to troublesome situations.

  • Enhances Confidence

The best things in the world cannot be purchased. Truly, we cannot buy a goal or road to the goal and nobody sells confidence in stores. It can be gained slowly and steadily with constant efforts. Without confidence, the survival is truly a tough task.


Counseling resolves all the issues which are common in the teenage population. The youngest is heading nowhere! They really need help and guidance so have a happy life ahead. Offering them advice and supervision can save their lives. Both schools and parents can play a major role in doing so. A stitch in time surely saves nine… so never hesitate in offering a helping hand.