Each one of us wants to have the maximum hits on our website. We wish that the visitor should spend a good amount of his time on it. But how should we make that happen? The answer is quite simple. We need to create such an experience that holds his attention and he is bound to stay and browse what we have to offer. We should aim at creating an attractive website.

web design tips

Here are the beneficial tips to make this task simpler and easier :

  • Hire Web Developer

To create a site, we first need to hire a competent and experienced web developer. It is his responsibility to manage the back end of the site and carry out all the programming related tasks. The onus of the smoothly functioning site totally lies on his shoulders. Hiring a good developer is laying the first stone right.

  • Hire Web Designer

Once the coding is done, the role of web designer comes up. He needs to create the face of the website, the way we want it should appear to the visitors. He should be able to put up all the work done by the developer in a user friendly and organized manner that should be great to look at.

  • Open Source Implementation

While getting the site developed, we need to make sure that it is developed on a well constructed open source implementation so that it can easily be used for the commercial applications without any hassle.

  • Outsourcing the Work

The whole world has shrunk into a small unit, thanks to technology. And there are various advantages attached with it. We can get the best of the work done at the cheapest rates from anywhere in the world. We can hire an expert web developer in New York and assign web design in India and hence enjoy the best of both the worlds. Segmenting the work and outsourcing it as per the caliber can enhance the quality of the output.

  • Select the Aesthetics Wisely

Be very cautious while selecting the font size, font color, the background color scheme, the layout of web pages, the length of a web page, use of images etc. All these points together give a beautiful face to our site, so they need to be selected thoughtfully. Don’t use very bright colors as they damage the experience. Don’t overburden the website with lots of information and images otherwise it will make it slow. Strike a perfect blend and make it look pleasing to the eyes.


A visitor should never leave our webpage because of a bad surfing experience. He should be able to enjoy the whole process of browsing. His attention, retention and the duration of time he spends on our site would totally depend upon the ease he feels while he was there on it. After all, our website is the face of our company, so it should always look good.