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Tips to Improve Sales Through Your eCommerce Site

The prime objective of eCommerce web development is to design a website which is efficient and effective in making an increasing number of online sales. Moon Micro Systems offer professional and customized eCommerce web design and development services at affordable prices to help your business flourish and expand.

Impressive products are not enough to make sales. It is very important for an eCommerce website to attract visitors and convert them into customers by engaging them in the purchase process.


Here are some important tips that need to be followed for better selling eCommerce websites :


  • Keep Content and Description Short and Informative

Customers look for information. They don’t like to involve in unnecessary reading. Hence it is very important to keep the precise content and informative instead of making it long and boring to read.

Make sure that the product information on your website is very concise. Try and use bullet points, headings and sub-headings to provide organized content to the visitors which is easier to read and absorb. This surely helps in increasing the sales as customer is confident of making the purchase as he is well informed.


  • Make Sure That the Navigation is Simple

Complicated and confusing navigations irritate and annoy the visitors as they are not able to spot the information or the product they are looking for which usually results into switching on to other websites. Simplicity is the key to make better sales and have repeated sales in future.


  • Use Attractive Visual Layouts

Attractive Visual Layouts

Visual appeal has an important role to play in online shopping, from attracting the visitors to the site and retaining his interest and making him involve in purchasing, visual layout is an important aspect of the whole process. It adds convenience in shopping by providing a pleasant experience. The structure of the site, the layout and color schemes used across the web pages can affect the sales to a large extent.


  • Use Product Differentiation Strategy

Markets are loaded with a plethora of products and services. Hence it is very important for an online site to create a product differentiation in the minds of the customers by using slogans, punch lines and packaging in a more effective manner so that customers can associate with it and become loyal customers of the brand.


  • Use Quality Images

Quality Images

Online shopping is largely dependent on the images as the visitors don’t have the convenience of feeling the product. Hence it is essential to have clean quality images which can give a closer view of the product from different angles. Providing images from varied angles imparts confidence and trust in the customers about the product and the company.

All these tips can enhance and multiply your eCommerce sales. Make sure you imbibe all these tips so that you can optimize your eCommerce website for better growth prospects.


Wedding Lehenga Trends 2013: What’s In and What’s Out?

Indian Brides spend months deciding their Wedding Lehengas to make sure they pick nothing but the best Bridal Lehenga for the most special day of their lives. Though it is the most time consuming and tough decision to make but it is worth the effort because the bride needs to look just perfect as she is the center of attraction on her wedding.

Bollywood Lehengas

The most preferred traditional Indian wedding wear is no doubt Lehengas. A full pleated skirt with a free-flowing flare is high on demand with sizzling cholis and delicate dupattas. To make sure your wedding attire is picked in sync with the latest fashion trends, here are some highlights of the latest trends of wedding lehengas for 2013 which can help you shop the best piece for your wedding.

What’s Hot and In Fashion?

Know what the right trend is this wedding season and get your bridal wear designed accordingly :

  • Designer Cholis :

Designer Cholis

Designers are experimenting with the lengths, cuts, necklines, sleeve lengths with gorgeous strings with tassels hanging over the back. From well-fitted corsets to backless blouses, halter necklines to strapless Cholis; you can try a designer color to compliment your Wedding Lehenga. It adds lots of style and glamour to your personality along with streaks of modern fashion to your traditional dress.

  • Gotta Patti Work :

Wedding Lehengas

It is one of the most beautiful traditional works which is in fashion these days. Intricate gotta patti designs in copper, golden and silver shades with colored stones coupled with zari work are back in trend. You can pick contrasting shades of work to highlight the craftsmanship.

  • Anarkali Style Lehengas :

Anarkali Lehengas

The styles of the 1970s are back in fashion. Lots of Kalis in lehengas add more flare and volume to lehenga which gives a fantastic royal look to the bride. Anarkali lehengas with slits on the sides or the ones sweeping the floor are a good choice for all body types and are very comfortable to wear and carry.

  • Pastel Pallet with Contrasts :

Indian Bridal Lehengas

Gone are the days of picking one dark shade. Brides want to look very girly and feminine for which pastel shades in pinks and peach are the latest choices which can be highlighted with contrasting shades to break the monotony and add more style to your dress.

These are the latest fashion trends for the brides this year. Follow these styles and get a unique and customized look designed for your D-day.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Online Presence?

Social Media is not just a platform which helps you communicate with people from all over the world instead it is an amazing tool for web advertising. SEO companies are leveraging the benefits of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to highlight your online presence. Moon Micro Systems provide social media marketing services by utilizing your social networking account as an effective tool to boost up the online presence for your business. It uses social media as an important part of the marketing strategy to allure and impress audiences across the globe.

No doubt, social media has a lot to offer for running a successful business but it needs to be utilized in a planned manner so that maximum benefits can be availed out of it.


Tips to Use Social Media for Stronger Online Presence :


1.  Become Active on Social Networking Websites


To make a start, you first need to register your business with the major social networking sites but make sure you don’t miss on the best ones like Facebook and Twitter which are the most popular ones. Make sure you focus on these two sites thoroughly and stay active. Spend some time on these sites regularly and involve yourself in interacting and promoting your business amongst audiences. Communicating with your fans and responding to their queries and comments is the best way to create a bonding. This is an important step to get noticed by the search engines.


2.  Be Ready With a Professional Website

You need to have an impressive and professional looking website for your company. It will act as a central platform which will connect all your social networking accounts and blog accounts. Make sure you also link all your accounts with your website and vice-versa. The purpose of having a website is to get all the traffic from the social media on a platform from where you can offer your products and services to your target audiences.


3.  Start Blogging


Blogging is an effective way of introducing and launching your product and inform your visitors about it. You can also get your blogs published on industry websites; this will help you get in touch with greater number of professionals from your industry. This will highlight your company’s online presence. You can also hire professional writers to develop content for your blog for better results.


4.  Use Photographs

Let the pictures and photographs speak for you and your business. Using photographs on your accounts gets you the attention of your audiences much faster that your status messages and links. Uploading your professional pictures, images of your products and services are a great way of informing your customers about your business and company.


5.  Use Freebies

To get attention of your audiences, you need to attract them by using freebies. Remember that to engage your target customers, you need to invest some money. Introduce a lucky draw or bumper prize to get your fans into action. This will create a buzz in the social media about your brand and company. It is a way of attracting targeted to your profile and increase the traffic on your page.


6.  Easy Payment Options

Visitors appreciate the simple payment process with multiple options to make payments. This adds a lot of convenience to make purchases of your online store and chances of customers dropping out of purchase are rare and less. Customers should be able to make payment for goods from your social networking account in minimum clicks. This will help in making successful purchases through your social networking accounts.


All these steps will surely help in getting the maximum benefits out of the social media.

How to do Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the strategy of creating interesting and meaningful content which focuses on your prospects and customers and is helpful in attracting, acquiring and engaging them in order to imitate profitable customer action. This kind of content comprises of information regarding your products, services and company in order to inform and educate your audience base and generate leads for your business.

Content Marketing

Companies all over the globe are using this impressive tool to communicate with their audiences. The team of creative marketers at Moon Micro Systems offers customized content marketing services to create a powerful impact on the minds of your audiences. They are constantly devising new and interesting tactics to develop marketing strategies to reach your customers and engage them effectively. Some important steps have been discussed further to make the whole process more effective and rewarding.


Steps for Effective Content Marketing :

1.  Set Goals


Goals are very important as they give you a direction to move on. You need to design and draft objective for your marketing strategy in terms of attracting new prospects, building strong relations with audiences and achieving good ranks with search engines.


2.  Research and Analyze: Audiences, Social Network and Topic


It is very important to attain maximum information about your customers, prospects and your network to gain a better insight which can of great help in planning your strategy.


  • Understanding audiences by knowing their expectations and demands. This can be done by utilizing information from FAQs, Q&A forums and social networking websites.
  • Study, research and analyze the different social networking websites to gain information in relation with the industry your business belongs to.
  •  The more efforts you are going to put in studying about the topic from different sources, the more information you would be able to gather which can clear your doubts and help in developing better content.


3.  Creating Content and Copy-Editing

Once you have gained enough information on your topic from all possible sources, its times to start developing your content. Developing a unique and original content which is informative and meaningful is no tough job if you have done enough homework to study and research your topic. Once you are done with creating exclusive content, the next step involves editing it. The purpose of editing is to polish the content to make it more interesting for the readers to read. Organizing the content in the paragraph, drafting an impressive title, checking the spellings and grammar are some of the important points to be kept in mind while editing it. Make sure your content is in its best form once the editing process is over.


4.  Promoting Content

Creating a good content is not enough if it is not promoted well. Posting your content or posting a link to your content, using social networking website like Facebook and Twitter for paid promotions etc,  are some of the ways of promoting and highlighting the content so that you can reach to a wider audience.


Hence, to market your content smartly follow these steps and grab the attention of your target audiences effectively.

SEO Trends and Techniques to Boost Up Your Website Ranking

To stay ahead in this competition, it is very important to design a strategic plan which can help you achieve better ranks with different search engines which can ensure your survival and promise a brighter stay in the market. You need a professional SEO planner who can provide personalized assistance which can take of your SEO needs and can promote your website.



Moon Micro Systems maintains an experienced and skilled team of SEO experts who have been providing customized search engine optimization services depending upon the needs and requirements of your business. They thoroughly understand and study your business and devise a strategic marketing plan to give guaranteed results.



Below are some important SEO techniques that this team follows to deliver rests of high quality :

1.      Content Quality

The most important rule of gaining higher ranks with search engines is keeping the quantity of your web content rich. Make sure that your content is original and in synch with the topic. Meaningful, original and unique content is the key to long-term success. If your content is good, then your high ranks are assured. Also make sure that you incorporate important keywords in your content but also ensure that you don’t over optimize them as our search engines are becoming smarter day by day.

2.      Mobile Device Optimization

In this era, where online customers are migrating from desktops to various other digital platforms to browse the internet and shop online, we cannot ignore mobile devices while designing an SEO strategy. Hence it is very important to create responsive designs which can work across all platforms with equal efficiency. It is very important that our visitors can view our website on their Smartphones and tablets. It might not be an explicit SEO factor but it is surely important in delivering a comfortable user experience.

3.      Author Rank

It adds value and credibility to your website. Hence in times to come, it will emerge as a very important tool for SEO developers to get better rankings.

4.      Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves different media formats which are helpful in acquiring a greater number of customers like news, infographics, question answer articles, videos and photos. It is all about communicating and interacting with your customers and prospects to stay in touch. It helps in getting lots of back links which are useful in adding value to your content. All these activities generate social signals which eventually build up your SEO value.

All these tools and techniques are helpful in increasing the visibility of your site, increasing the traffic to your web pages and helping you get noticed by the search engines which can get you better ranks thereby boosting your business.