Rajasthan is the land or warriors and royal Rajpoots. The serene golden sands, colorful lehariya and bandhani, melodious tunes of folk songs with enthralling dance styles and exquisite divine cuisine of the Maharajas have been attracting tourists from all over the world and are known for their warm reception. Mytravelo.com is a one-stop destination to plan a royal holiday to Rajasthan and experience the wonderful culture of Rajasthan. The professional agents can design a customized trip to Rajasthan at very reasonable prices.

Culture of Rajasthan

This beautiful state offers you the opportunity to explore spectacular events which are held in different cities. Calm desert cities like Barmer and Jaisalmer are famous for their arid beauty and wonderful fort. Udaipur, the city of lakes gives you a chance to have a relaxed stay on the lakeside. Jaipur, the pink city is known for its extravagant and lavish resorts and forts. The grandeur and fascination of huge palaces and forts is completely mesmerizing.


Perfect Time to Visit Rajasthan

The best time visit Rajasthan is from mid October to mid March. The perfect weather at this time of the year accentuates the beauty of this land and offers great comfort in experiencing the rich culture.

You can plan a trip to Rajasthan for almost ten days which is a sufficient time to visit the major cities and enjoy the tourist attractions. Whether you are looking for a completely luxurious and king-like experience or you wish to keep your trip a budgeted one; you can plan it as per your pockets as there are numerous options to stay and enjoy the vivid culture of this divine destination.

Best Festivals and Fairs in Rajasthan

Festivals and fairs are the best way to experience the royal culture of Rajasthan and make your trip more interesting and fascinating. Following are some of the famous festivals of Rajasthan which should be a part of your itinerary :

Festivals in Rajasthan

  • Desert Festival, Jaisalmer: Best time to visit the Golden City is during February when a three-day long Fest is organized
  • Nagaur Fair, Nagaur: This is the second largest fair in India which lasts for eight days in January and February
  • Pushkar Fair, Pushkar: The holy city of Rajasthan organizes the largest camel and cattle fair in the month of October
  • Marwar Festival, Jodhpur: The Sun City organizes two-day long event exhibiting the stories of heroes of Marwar
  • Elephant Festival, Jaipur: On the day of Holi, experience the huge elephants participating in different competitions
  • Teej Festival, Jaipur
  • Gangaur Festival Jaipur

You can visit any of these festivals to get a glimpse of this vivacious culture for close. Plan your trip in a way that you are able to visit any one of these fairs. Ladies dressed up in traditional attires, camels and elephants decorated in colorful clothing and wonderfully decorated streets and lanes make these fairs more vibrant and lively. You can blend with the interesting culture of this state by experiencing these fairs.