Jeans are one of the most widely worn garments all over the world. Every woman looks for the best jeans that can fit her body perfectly and brings out her curves nicely. Well, now the question is how to find out that perfect pair of jeans? There are a jeans for every body type which brings out your curves and shapes in the best manner possible, thereby giving a totally transforming look to your personality. You can look great and stunning provided you wear the right fit.

Jeans According To Your Body Type

Read this article and know what body shape you have and pick a jeans which complements your body by beautifying your personality :



Jeans for apple shape body type

If your upper body is larger than your lower body and you are rounded at your waist, then your body shape is an apple. Dress up in a mid-waist jeans which will keep the fat around your waist concealed. Opt for a dark wash as it gives a slimming look to your body. Pleats and pockets are not your pick. You can also try jeans with a flare.



Jeans for CELERY STALK Body Type

If you have long legs with a straight body and square hips, then you are a celery stalk-shaped girl. You should dress up in styles which can add volume to your body. Try harem style jeans or jeans with pleats and pockets. All this will create width around your waist. You can even try high-waist fittings to bring attention to your hips. Never opt for low-rise and plain fronts.



Jeans for pea shaped body type

If you are short with any kind of body frame, then you are pea-shaped girl. Go for jeans with long and lean cut, which can add more height to your personality. Wear ankle-length jeans which are fitted. You can also accessorize your jeans with some embellishments. But remember never going for anything which is buggy as it will destroy your body shape and give you a very petite look. Try wearing heels with your jeans if you are comfortable.



women jeans for pear shaped body type

If you have a narrow upper body above the waist and you are broad around your hips and thighs then you are a pear-shaped girl. You must go for slightly stretchy material like Lycra that can fit around your hips. Dark wash is a very good option for you. Try straight-leg jeans and never go for tapered ends. Try and pick a piece with back-pockets.



womens jeans for rectangle body type

If the ratio of your height and width is that of a rectangle then you are a rectangle shape girl. Go for dark wash with boot cut legs for a nice shape to your body which can give your body an hourglass look.


These are various body shapes along with the kind of jean fittings which can make them look better and smarter. All you need to do is know your correct body type so that you can wear a jeans accordingly, which can hide the negative aspects of your body and enhance the right curves. So next time when you buy a jeans keep these tips in mind and find a jeans according to your body type.

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