Google+ Hangout is an instant messaging platform created by Google. It is an interactive platform which lets you video chat and text chat with your friends just like a simple Google chat or Skype. It is a refined version of various different messaging services maintained by Google. It is a compilation of Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Hangouts which brings you the convenience of video conferencing with almost ten people at the same time.

Google Plus Hangout


How to Use Google+ Hangout

You can access this amazing chat platform through Gmail or Google+ web page and even using apps created for Android phones. To start using it, you don’t need anything extra. You just need to have a Gmail account or registration with Google+ website and you can easily start using this wonderful platform.

How to Use Google+ Hangout

If you wish to use it using your Smartphone then you can download Hangout app from the marketplace and start chatting with your friends or video conferencing with your colleagues and clients. The latest android phones come with an inbuilt Hangout app to offer you an interesting chat experience. To start experiencing this platform all you need is a Gmail account to access it.


Benefits of Using Google+ Hangout

Technology has made it so easy and simple to connect with your friends, family and colleagues. All you need to do is login and stay connected with all these people all day long.

Benefits of Google+ Hangout

Here are some of the benefits that have made it such a hit amongst individuals and companies. Everyone is relying on this wonderful chat environment for fun and for work.


Well, here are some benefits attached with Google+ Hangout :


  • Weekly or Monthly Chats

You have the convenience of conducting weekly and monthly chat sessions with your colleagues in the office. Send an email inviting them for the chat session with the topic and points of discussion which will be the highlight of the chat.


  • Communicate With Employees

These days companies are scattered across the lengths and breadths of the planet. Hence it is not possible for the managers to be present to physically interact with the present employees or hire the new ones. Google+ Hangout has made it possible and convenient for companies to function in a much easier format. Now the managers can stay in touch with their employees all the time. They can discuss the work progress, give them instructions and also interact with them on small things which are otherwise not possible. These days, even hiring can take place using this wonderful media, which lets you interview the new talent.


  • Live Event Streaming

Practically it is impossible for all your clients, colleagues and other associates to be present for your events, but you can make sure that they are able to be a part of it vie Google+ Hangout, which lets you invite people to the product launches, demos and conferences by streaming your event live.


There are so many other benefits attached to this fantastic chat platform which is a wonderful aid for any business. It has made interactions and communications so simple and convenient. From webinars to meetings, you can organize anything and everything using this magnificent platform.


Google+ Hangout is a convenient chat and video conferencing platform which offers real time chat experience to its users.