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How to Make and Use an e-newsletter to Market Your Online Business

Creating an interesting e-newsletter is very important for any business to promote and market its business on the web. Web markets are loaded with online businesses of all kinds and types and it is essential for you to create a striking impression on the minds of your target audiences so that you can make your business a success.


A marketing strategy is useful if it helps in optimum utilization of all the marketing techniques and e-newsletter is a wonderful way of building the contacts, informing your audiences about your business and staying in regular touch with your customers.


  • How to Make an e-Newsletter

It doesn’t take too long to work on an impressive and eye-catchy e-newsletter if you follow the points mentioned below:

1.  Start by drafting a mailing list. You can have a “subscribe” button on your website or blog and have a good and rich database which has all the basic information about your customers and prospects.

2.  Create a plan to manage the email list which will grow with time. You need to plan in advance about how to deal with the growing numbers.
3.  Be very clear about what you want to talk; don’t just have a newsletter for the heck of it. It should be focused and simple and needs to talk about some issue related to your company or industry.
4.  Have an interesting subject line to attract the readers.
5.  Do not forget to include an eye-catchy call to action button; otherwise your e-newsletter will be ineffective.

So create an interesting and interactive e-newsletter to market your online business in a smart way.


How to Use an e-Newsletter

Once you have successfully created an impressive newsletter to promote your business, you should also be able to use it the way in order to leverage its benefits to your business. Here is how you can do so…

  • Use it to sell your expertise and skills

Having an e-newsletter which is simply talking about the business is not enough if it doesn’t mention about the key skills and services in which your expertise. To grab the interest of the readers, it should include some interesting and problem-solving information which gets the attention of the reader.



  • Use it repetitively

Sending an e-newsletter at once or twice will not get you any business. You have to keep using it in a regular fashion not less that twice in a month because otherwise it will not be able to create a strong impact on the minds of the readers.


  • Use it to interested clients and prospects

Readers will only need your mail if they find it worth reading. So make it interesting and informative, you must include some valuable advice, some problem solving solutions, suggestions for better performance etc. All these important issues really interest the readers.


  • Use it to build stronger relations

Every customer and client is important. You must value each relationship by communicating with your customers from time to time. Tell them about new products and services; keep them updated about the new promotional offers.


  • Use it to increase sales

e-Newsletters can help in increasing the sales for your online business if you include some interesting promotional scheme or discount offer which forces the customers to make purchases.


Keeping all these points in mind, can get you more success in your online business.


How To Get Positive Reviews For Your Website

Reviews influence the mindset of the consumer. A study revealed the following statistics, which purely show how important are reviews to the consumers:

  • 80% trust advice from family and friends
  • 60% trust online customer reviews
  • 15% trust advertising

So having reviews from customers can pay you manifold provided these reviews are positive. Now the question that pops in our head is hot to get positive reviews for our website? Well, this article will answer all your questions, thereby promising to make your business a success.



  • Ask Your Customers to Write Reviews

Always ask your customers to leave their reviews by providing them with all the essential instructions in a simple format. Mention the web addresses of your company on different review sites and explain how a customer can leave his review on each of these sites. You will have to make them write reviews because it is in the interest of your website.


  • Know the Happy Customers and Motivate them to Write Reviews

You always have a small pool of customers who are satisfied with your products and services beyond expectations. It is very important to have them share their experiences with other prospects. Just ask these happy customers to give an honest review and gradually you can have so many rich reviews about your website. You can send them a mail explaining the instructions of writing reviews. Take a follow up after a few days. Thank them for the review published by them and later you can ask them to use their review on your website along with their picture.


  • Include a Request in Your Email

Always have a statement included in your email signature asking your clients to review or comment about your site. You need to keep reminding your clients and customers to review your website otherwise they would forget.


  • Offer Incentives, but with Care

To encourage and motivate your customers to write reviews, you need to offer them with some small consideration in the form of a lucky draw competition enrollment, which can encourage them to take an initiative in writing a review. You need to ensure that your incentives don’t look like bribes for writing reviews otherwise it would give a very bad impression.


  • Never Cheat

Never ever ask your friends, family and relatives write reviews for your website until and unless they have availed your services. Make sure they don’t use your company computer to do so otherwise, these review websites can penalize you for writing your own reviews. So remember, do not cheat.


  • Slow and Steady

You need to be slower in your approach so that there is a gradual increase in your reviews because of in case there is a sudden hike in your number of reviews you might come under the category of doubt.


Reviews from satisfied customers can surely get you more business and nourish your brands. Though earning positive reviews can take a lot of time, but each positive review has a lot of potential to make a big difference to the success of your site.

How To Get Quality Backlinks To Increase Your Targeted Keywords Ranking

To ensure increasing ranks for your targeted keywords, it is very important to get more and more backlinks which can increase the popularity of your website along with getting you higher rankings with search engines. Link building is helpful in increasing the quality and quantity of links to your website which can increase the importance of your targeted keywords and pages by search engines fetching them better ranks. If in case your website has lesser backlinks compared to your competitors, then the consumers searching the web for making a purchase will not be able to find your website. So read this article and know how you can earn quality backlinks which can get you better ranks with the search engines and obviously more popularity amongst the audiences.

Quality Backlinks

Blog Commenting

To make sure that your comments on blogs are valuable and important then you must take each and every comment that you make very seriously so that you are making an important contribution to it. Make sure that your comment is related to the subject matter. Pick up those blogs which have had comments from the top commentators to earn more links. Try and use SEO related keywords to make your comments stand out and also make sure that all your comments are distinct and impressive.


Be a Guest Blogger

Start posting blogs as a guest blogger on topics which have not discussed till date. Make sure that whenever you are writing as a guest blogger your responsibility to produce quality and information rich content is more. Include as many targeted keywords as possible as this will get your blog more attention and will get your better ranks as well. To create effective and important links try and pick those sites which are related to your industry so that you have a chance of connecting with people from your industry and get links from them.


Write Articles for Websites

Another important move that you can make is to write articles for high PR websites. Writing articles which are rich in content and are highly informative can surely get you more readers. Do not forget to include SEO keywords in your writing. Submit your articles to various article directories. All these actions can surely help you get more and more backlinks.


Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking for Quality Backlinks

This is a part of Off-Page SEO technique which focused on improving keyword rankings in Google. You can use it to create backlinks to your website. Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit is some of the websites which can help you achieve this objective. But while using social bookmarking you need to be very cautious because using it in a wrong manner can hamper your blog rankings.


Each  of these steps is helpful in getting quality backlinks which can help your site perform better by earning the attention of the search engine and achieving higher ranks for the targeted keywords. Follow these points and you can benefit your site with the advantages of earning increased number of backlinks.

How To Use LinkedIn To Boost Up Your Business

LinkedIn is one the most widely used social networking platforms for promoting the business. Every business strives for an exclusive online presence for which the first step is to connect with people via social networking sites. LinkedIn not only helps in promoting the business, but is equally beneficial in boosting it to magnificent levels. Now the question that pops up in the mind is that how to use and utilize this amazing interactive social platform to grow your business. Well, this article will guide you how you should go about it. Read it on and take a step forward to flourish your business.


How To Use LinkedIn to Boost Up Business



The whole process starts with signing up with LinkedIn. The site offers free sign up along with a premium paid account. Premium paid accounts obviously come with added features and benefits which help you organize your profile, send direct messages to people and helps in making your search faster. You are free to make a choice depending upon your need and budget.



The next step involves creating an impressive and smart profile which defines your business and clearly describes your offerings. Always remember that every detail in your profile, from introduction to images; has to be professional in its appeal as it’s a professional network. Also mention your contact details like phone numbers and email address so that whosoever wants to contact you can show it. Do no forget to mention the good work that you have done in the past along with your skills and experiences. But just filling in all these details is not the end of the task, you need to keep updating your profile from time to time adding new achievements and talking about your recent works. This will make your profile more interactive and interesting.



Create Connections in LinkedIn

The whole purpose of signing up with a social networking site is to create as many connections as possible. As people of your professional world, also add people from the connections of your connections. You can also add people for references and recommendations of your connections. Try and make your network rich and strong so that you can create your space on the site and popularize your business. This will surely be of great help in boosting your business as connections help you earn more and more business.




Go to the resume section of your profile and draw a company page which will get linked to your profile. Use SEO friendly keywords on your page and keep updating it from time to time. Do not forget to add your achievements and company news to make it more interesting.



LinkedIn is all about connecting with professional from the same industry from different parts of the world. You can interact, discuss, share ideas and create polls for a much participative interaction. Make sure your contribution is rich and appealing.


All these steps highlight your company on the web because of its enthusiastic performance and participation. Use LinkedIn as an alluring opportunity to popularize your business within your industry and outside which will help in giving it a great boost.