To ensure increasing ranks for your targeted keywords, it is very important to get more and more backlinks which can increase the popularity of your website along with getting you higher rankings with search engines. Link building is helpful in increasing the quality and quantity of links to your website which can increase the importance of your targeted keywords and pages by search engines fetching them better ranks. If in case your website has lesser backlinks compared to your competitors, then the consumers searching the web for making a purchase will not be able to find your website. So read this article and know how you can earn quality backlinks which can get you better ranks with the search engines and obviously more popularity amongst the audiences.

Quality Backlinks

Blog Commenting

To make sure that your comments on blogs are valuable and important then you must take each and every comment that you make very seriously so that you are making an important contribution to it. Make sure that your comment is related to the subject matter. Pick up those blogs which have had comments from the top commentators to earn more links. Try and use SEO related keywords to make your comments stand out and also make sure that all your comments are distinct and impressive.


Be a Guest Blogger

Start posting blogs as a guest blogger on topics which have not discussed till date. Make sure that whenever you are writing as a guest blogger your responsibility to produce quality and information rich content is more. Include as many targeted keywords as possible as this will get your blog more attention and will get your better ranks as well. To create effective and important links try and pick those sites which are related to your industry so that you have a chance of connecting with people from your industry and get links from them.


Write Articles for Websites

Another important move that you can make is to write articles for high PR websites. Writing articles which are rich in content and are highly informative can surely get you more readers. Do not forget to include SEO keywords in your writing. Submit your articles to various article directories. All these actions can surely help you get more and more backlinks.


Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking for Quality Backlinks

This is a part of Off-Page SEO technique which focused on improving keyword rankings in Google. You can use it to create backlinks to your website. Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit is some of the websites which can help you achieve this objective. But while using social bookmarking you need to be very cautious because using it in a wrong manner can hamper your blog rankings.


Each  of these steps is helpful in getting quality backlinks which can help your site perform better by earning the attention of the search engine and achieving higher ranks for the targeted keywords. Follow these points and you can benefit your site with the advantages of earning increased number of backlinks.