Reviews influence the mindset of the consumer. A study revealed the following statistics, which purely show how important are reviews to the consumers:

  • 80% trust advice from family and friends
  • 60% trust online customer reviews
  • 15% trust advertising

So having reviews from customers can pay you manifold provided these reviews are positive. Now the question that pops in our head is hot to get positive reviews for our website? Well, this article will answer all your questions, thereby promising to make your business a success.



  • Ask Your Customers to Write Reviews

Always ask your customers to leave their reviews by providing them with all the essential instructions in a simple format. Mention the web addresses of your company on different review sites and explain how a customer can leave his review on each of these sites. You will have to make them write reviews because it is in the interest of your website.


  • Know the Happy Customers and Motivate them to Write Reviews

You always have a small pool of customers who are satisfied with your products and services beyond expectations. It is very important to have them share their experiences with other prospects. Just ask these happy customers to give an honest review and gradually you can have so many rich reviews about your website. You can send them a mail explaining the instructions of writing reviews. Take a follow up after a few days. Thank them for the review published by them and later you can ask them to use their review on your website along with their picture.


  • Include a Request in Your Email

Always have a statement included in your email signature asking your clients to review or comment about your site. You need to keep reminding your clients and customers to review your website otherwise they would forget.


  • Offer Incentives, but with Care

To encourage and motivate your customers to write reviews, you need to offer them with some small consideration in the form of a lucky draw competition enrollment, which can encourage them to take an initiative in writing a review. You need to ensure that your incentives don’t look like bribes for writing reviews otherwise it would give a very bad impression.


  • Never Cheat

Never ever ask your friends, family and relatives write reviews for your website until and unless they have availed your services. Make sure they don’t use your company computer to do so otherwise, these review websites can penalize you for writing your own reviews. So remember, do not cheat.


  • Slow and Steady

You need to be slower in your approach so that there is a gradual increase in your reviews because of in case there is a sudden hike in your number of reviews you might come under the category of doubt.


Reviews from satisfied customers can surely get you more business and nourish your brands. Though earning positive reviews can take a lot of time, but each positive review has a lot of potential to make a big difference to the success of your site.