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How to Make and Use an e-newsletter to Market Your Online Business

Creating an interesting e-newsletter is very important for any business to promote and market its business on the web. Web markets are loaded with online businesses of all kinds and types and it is essential for you to create a striking impression on the minds of your target audiences so that you can make your business a success.


A marketing strategy is useful if it helps in optimum utilization of all the marketing techniques and e-newsletter is a wonderful way of building the contacts, informing your audiences about your business and staying in regular touch with your customers.


  • How to Make an e-Newsletter

It doesn’t take too long to work on an impressive and eye-catchy e-newsletter if you follow the points mentioned below:

1.  Start by drafting a mailing list. You can have a “subscribe” button on your website or blog and have a good and rich database which has all the basic information about your customers and prospects.

2.  Create a plan to manage the email list which will grow with time. You need to plan in advance about how to deal with the growing numbers.
3.  Be very clear about what you want to talk; don’t just have a newsletter for the heck of it. It should be focused and simple and needs to talk about some issue related to your company or industry.
4.  Have an interesting subject line to attract the readers.
5.  Do not forget to include an eye-catchy call to action button; otherwise your e-newsletter will be ineffective.

So create an interesting and interactive e-newsletter to market your online business in a smart way.


How to Use an e-Newsletter

Once you have successfully created an impressive newsletter to promote your business, you should also be able to use it the way in order to leverage its benefits to your business. Here is how you can do so…

  • Use it to sell your expertise and skills

Having an e-newsletter which is simply talking about the business is not enough if it doesn’t mention about the key skills and services in which your expertise. To grab the interest of the readers, it should include some interesting and problem-solving information which gets the attention of the reader.



  • Use it repetitively

Sending an e-newsletter at once or twice will not get you any business. You have to keep using it in a regular fashion not less that twice in a month because otherwise it will not be able to create a strong impact on the minds of the readers.


  • Use it to interested clients and prospects

Readers will only need your mail if they find it worth reading. So make it interesting and informative, you must include some valuable advice, some problem solving solutions, suggestions for better performance etc. All these important issues really interest the readers.


  • Use it to build stronger relations

Every customer and client is important. You must value each relationship by communicating with your customers from time to time. Tell them about new products and services; keep them updated about the new promotional offers.


  • Use it to increase sales

e-Newsletters can help in increasing the sales for your online business if you include some interesting promotional scheme or discount offer which forces the customers to make purchases.


Keeping all these points in mind, can get you more success in your online business.


How To Do Email Marketing To Generate Leads For Your Business

It is not a tough process to generate leads for your business if you have the right product and service offers and you know the correct approach to present it your target audience. Email marketing can really do wonders for your business by generating effective leads if you plan it strategically.

Email Marketing


Here are some of the best email marketing practices that can generate greater leads for your business and help you succeed.


  • Focus on Subject of Your Email


The subject should be impressive and alluring, so that it can get the attention of the reader and instigate him to read it further. Be sure of keeping it between 30-50 characters. Including incentives and offers are interesting ways of attracting the readers. For instance, “Free iPod with a purchase of $50” or “Free shipping above $20”. All these lines are effective in getting the attention of the audience so has to be planned smartly and should be a glimpse of what is inside the E-mail.


  • Focus on Effectively Blending Content With Images

It is very important to strike a balance between content and images in order to produce information in an appealing manner. Using the right colors, fonts and layout are equally important. Make your mail easy to understand and absorb. Do not use too much of content or too many images to clutter the mail.


  • Tie Emails to Landing Pages

Do not forget to connect your email to the landing page. There has to be synchronized between the email and landing page in terms of color schemes, headlines, content and images so that both impart the same feel and appeal.


  • Focus on Main Message and Call to Action

Call to Action

Never miss on the main message and call to action in your email. If it falls below the fold, then don’t expect the recipients to see it. Also make sure that the call to action appears repeatedly in your mail in interesting and interactive manners so that the recipient is motivated to click on it.


  • Select Size of Your Email to be 500-650 Pixels

Size selection also has an important role to play. Keeping the size up to 650 pixels wide is the best option as it doesn’t involve any horizontal scrolling which is quite annoying for the readers. Weird sizes will lead to unnecessary scrolling, which will discourage the readers to go through the mail.


  • Don’t Miss on Your Logo

Email without a logo is not a great idea. Place your logo on the upper left-hand side of your email so that the reader is able to see and absorb it because of the greatest visibility. Logos are very essential part of an E-mail.


  • Utilize Auto-Responders for Opt-Ins

Setting up an auto-responder to keep reminding people that they opted in to the email database of your company is a great idea. After every 5 days or 10 days after the person registers, send these auto-responders. Make sure each respondent is unique and interesting with bonus material or some kind of reward.


Each of these tips is a step forward to better and effective lead generation through email marketing. Make sure you follow them all to make your business a success.


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How to Do Email Marketing Effectively

Email marketing is easy yet difficult. The setup required is simple and can be managed conveniently but how doing it right is a little tricky question. Almost all the businesses practice this marketing strategy to reach out to their customers but a very number of businesses are actually able to make a profit out of it.

email marketing

It is very important to understand and know how to use this marketing tool in the right manner. Email marketing doesn’t require a big set up and capital investment. All it needs is a computer and an internet connection to make a start. But the points discussed below would certainly make your job a lot easier and effective.

Focus Your Target Market :

target market

One should know his target market properly. Knowing and understanding the target customers, their lifestyle, their income, their demographics etc. Help in focusing our marketing efforts in a more effective way. It is helpful in making sure that we are delivering our emails to the correct set of customers because otherwise the efforts go waste. For example, if we are promoting our expansive range of perfumes with the middle class consumers then it’s evident that our promotions go in the dustbin. Focus on creating a consolidated list email ids of consumers and prospects so that our mail reaches the correct Inbox.

Understand and Deliver As Per the Demands and Needs of Customers :


Once we have become aware of our target customers, the next thing we need to know is what they seek out of us. Knowing what they want and then delivering it as per their wishes is must for a business to survive and grow. We need to study and anticipate the demands of our consumers. Do they wish a follow up after the purchase, do they want to be reminded of the service expiry dates or do they want to be informed about the new range of products? Our emails should not be just about offers and sales, they should also be informative in the ways consumer is seeking the information. Apart from products and services the business offers, consumers are also interested in keeping themselves updated about products and procedure. For example, we can send mails to the target market explaining the procedure of grievance Redressal etc.


These two steps make your efforts effective and rewarding. Each business should be aware of his target market and demands of the customers. This is an important input which helps in planning the email marketing strategy in a better way. Shooting bulk emails is not the right way to do it. Companies should make sure that the clients acknowledge and open their mails then only it is a success.