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Tips to Improve Your Website Rank in Google Places

Google local listings are now featuring prominently on Google search results for most Google searches where the user is searching in a specific location.

How to increase rank in Google Places


If you want to attract more local customers with online marketing?

Here are some tips which can help to increase your website ranks in Google places and get your brand seen by more local residents searching:


How to optimize google places listing


Tips optimize your Google places listing:

1.  Make sure your website is mobile friendly (Which is already done)

2.  Fill In As Much Information As Possible

3.  Page Verification (Which is already done)


4.  Category Association

Once Google verifies your page, Google gives you the opportunity to associate your business with up to 10 categories (one primary and up to nine others). You must choose categories predetermined by Google, and the primary category is by far the most important.

This is a simple action that can have a surprisingly great impact on the performance of your listing. It is one of the most important things you can do to improve your local SEO. Just make sure you don’t associate with the wrong categories.


5.  Name, Address, and Phone Number Consistency

One of the guiding principles for all local SEO strategies is to keep your business information consistent. That said, making sure your website and Google Places for Business page have the same information is crucial. Based on the webpage you’ve linked to your Google Places page, Google will double check that the Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP).


6.  Get Google Reviews (Real once, Google know if you’re doing it yourself)

Another easy factor for improving your Google Places page is the number of reviews you receive. More than any other business listings site (Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.) the reviews on Google are key to your overall success in search.

Whilst Google won’t disclose the factors that impact ranking in Google places (nothing new there!),  you can be pretty sure that having reviews on your listing will help to improve your rankings.

It is best to slowly and steadily gain positive reviews from happy customers over time.


7.  Local Area Code

A simple but effective improvement that you can make to a Google Places Page is to use a phone number that contains the local area code.


8.  Build links to your Google places listing

Building links is an essential part of any SEO strategy, whether you’re optimizing your website, Google listing or even a YouTube video.

The one difference here, however, is that building links from local sources for your places account will have a much better impact. For example,  if you provide home teaching of English and are listing yourself in directories (relevant ones and few), then you should consider submitting your places listing URL in a few of them.  Google verifies places data in many different ways and this can help increase the credibility of your places, listing as well as your brand, in Google’s eyes.


9.  Add Photos and Videos

You’re given the opportunity to add 10 pictures to your local listing and 5 videos.  Take advantage – put them all in.  Pictures of your facilities, staff, products, website captures, anything relevant to your company.  This goes hand-in-hand with putting as much content as possible into your listing.


10.  Provide Excellent Service

Yes, being awesome at what you do will help your Google Places listing.  Why?  Because when you do a great job people take notice and all of those raving fans lead to a wonderful occurrence – Reviews!  Getting positive reviews will help your ranking.  It’ll also make you stand out from the crowd.


11.  Create An Offer

You can create a special offer for your business directly through your dashboard.  Interacting with your Google Places account is going to show the search titan that you’re an engaged business owner.  Google loves to see updates coming from a website or Places account.  It’s also a great free way to advertise a special that your business is running.


12.  Update! Update! Update!

Google loves updates local listing or web listings.  Why?  Because it shows that someone cares enough about the site to be making them.  If a site or listing has been the same for years, how relevant can it be?  Make sure you are accessing your Places account monthly to add new pictures, videos, and creating some specials.  With the changes being made over to Google+ Local you will want to keep adding content and updates to your Google+ business page.


If you implement these 12 tips and stay diligent with your updating I assure you that positive things will happen with your Google Places local listing.  Remember that it can take time to gain rank, but that once you’re there the rewards can be huge.

I hope above suggestions will be beneficial to improve your website rankings in Google places.


Tips to Grow Your Small Business Locally

Business is all about achieving new heights and better results. Is it that you have successfully started with a business and you want to make it a hit locally so that you can create a success story globally? Well to know how to optimize the growth prospects of your small business locally, go through this article which talks about how you can create a strong presence for your business in the local markets and grow to exceptional levels by making the best use of all your resources. It involves sheer dedication and complete focus to ensure that your business emerges as the strongest entity in the local markets. Always remember that to be a hit in global markets you need to conquer the local markets first. After all slow and steady wins the race. Read on the article to know how to go about achieving the growth targets for your business on local levels.


  • Focus on Creating a Brand

Focus on Creating a Brand

Creating a brand should be a focus for every business. It helps you create a strong identity for your business which can help you reap amazing benefits in future. Having a name that reflects your business along with an impressive logo is important for creating an image of your business in the minds of your target market. Market and publicize your brand the way you want your customers to perceive you. It is very important that your customers hold the same perceptions about your brand as your brand wants to project itself.


  • Expand to Other Locations

If you feel that your present location is under control, try and expand to other locations by creating your presence at new locations. This will get your business more visibility and more recognition. You can also distribute franchise of your business to other people for a more simplified and easier management along with a more powerful expansion.


  • Create Your Niche

Nothing beats a unique business. If you are providing exclusive services and products then though your market will be small but your customers will be loyal. They would not mind paying the price you will ask because you are providing them with exclusive range of products and services which is not available anywhere else. This will surely get you more points to succeed.


  • Business Diversification

Diversifying is the best way to grow. Having different streams of income from varied business ventures assures regular earnings. Go for a complementary range of products and services to increase your sales and have an assured growth. For instance, if you are a retailer of women’s garments, you can also have a range of handbags and purses to make your store a one stop destination to shop. Make sure that you become a hit company in your local area and there are no more competitors.


  • Use Social Media and Internet

You can have your company page on Facebook to make people aware of it. You can also promote your business by offering discount coupons on sites like Groupon, Snapdeal, etc., which are a great way of promoting your business on local levels.


Keep in mind all these important tips and keep on incorporating each of these tips to freeze your success. Try and popularize your brand as much as you can and offer as many complementary services and products you can so that the customer never thinks of going to other stores.


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Webinar: A Seminar Conducted Over The Internet

With the advent of the internet, the whole world has become a small entity. It has become so easy to connect with people from different parts of the world. Not only this now people sitting in different corners of the world can conferencing and learn using interactive media like WEBINAR.



What is a Webinar?

It is a seminar session or a web conference which takes place over the internet. Participants sitting at remote locations can interact with the presenters using instant messaging, voice chat or video conferencing. Webinars are conducted live with a set time frame in the real time format.

The presenter presents the information through the PowerPoint presentation goes live on the computer screens of the participants and speaks through the microphones which can be heard through the speakers of headsets by the participants sitting at scattered locations. Likewise, participants can also ask questions and queries from the presenter.


Benefits of Webinar :

  • Saves Time

It lasts mostly for 90 minutes and save your time, which otherwise you would have spent on traveling and missing from work for a couple of days. It is in fact the optimum utilization of time without having to waste any in unnecessary traveling.


  • Saves Cost


For registering for a webinar, all that you need is the registration fees. It saves all the costs involved in traveling from one place to another, hotel expenses, food expenses etc. It is cost effective for the organizer as well as he doesn’t have to pay a hefty amount for the auditoriums and also arrange for a bigger team to organize and manage the event along with providing refreshments. All in all it saves a lot of money.


  • Adds Convenience

Whether you are at your office or you are home, you can attend webinars as per your convenience. All you need are the audio-visual aids which are essential for participating in a webinar.


  • Easy to Use

If you can manage a little technology, then this is a very easy to use media for discussions, presentations and training sessions. All you need is an internet connect with a great speed and some of the ads like speakers, microphones and of course a computer to carry out the whole process. Webex is one of the simplest and easy to use systems for conducting webinars which make the process a lot easier and interesting.


  • Equally Interactive

Intereaction in webinar

This virtual session is as interactive as a real one. You have all the freedom to interact with the presenter, ask him questions and clear your doubts. In setting it is like a virtual session, but I feel it is as effective as the real one.


All these benefits make it a favorite amongst the participants and the organizers because it is all about utilizing the benefits of technology and saving lots of time and money. You can organize a greater number of discussion sessions and training sessions using the internet and bring people sitting in different parts of the world in close contact. They can share their views and ideas and learn new technologies and pick up new trends to stay in sync with the market.


Surely this is one of the most creative and effective media of interaction and communication in the corporate world.


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Why Content is Important to Make A Successful Website?

The content is largely responsible for making any website a success. The World Wide Web is loaded with websites of all kinds and types and to create your own personal space is no easy task. But with effective content you can not only create your special place on the internet but you can also beat the heat of the intense competition which is omnipresent on the internet.


The purpose of a website is to provide information to the users and hence content has an important role to play. Of all the important elements of website which together make the website effective and efficient, content is the most important of all.

Reasons That Make Content the Most Important Element of the Website :


  • Content Offers Information

Web Content

Businesses and companies use their websites to exhibit their rich information and knowledge in an easily absorbable manner so that the visitors can understand it and use it for their convenience. Easily accessible and quality information is a strong pillar for any website to survive and succeed.


  • Content Engages Readers

It is very important for the website to attract the audiences and get their attention and content offers a great opportunity for web developers to grab the attention of the users and engage them on the site by offering interesting and alluring call-to-action options.


  • Content Helps Get Links

Content Helps Get Links

If you have something interesting, useful and controversial to share, then you can become a talk of the town. Post articles and blogs which exhibit your ideas to thrill the readers and compel them to write about you and link your pieces of writing. Each extra link that you will earn because of your great content will get you more traffic.


  • Content Gets Ranks With Search Engines

Search engines are always looking for websites which publish original, unique, quality content and keep it updated. If you always have something new and important on your site, then you can easily get the attention and love of these search engines. And eventually, you can also earn an increasing number of visitors visiting your web pages and getting you more profits.


  • Content Electrifies Social Media

Benefits of Content Social Media

Social Networking Sites are a wonderful platform to create wide networks across the globe. Make your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles interesting and alluring to get more people visiting your page. Keep publishing useful information and content on your pages to attract people and answer their queries. This will get you more links and better ranks with search engines.


All these points explain how you can make your website a success story just by working a little extra on your content and making it more useful for your readers. Be very sure of keeping it original and updated so that you can give your competitors a tough competition.


SEO Trends and Techniques to Boost Up Your Website Ranking

To stay ahead in this competition, it is very important to design a strategic plan which can help you achieve better ranks with different search engines which can ensure your survival and promise a brighter stay in the market. You need a professional SEO planner who can provide personalized assistance which can take of your SEO needs and can promote your website.



Moon Micro Systems maintains an experienced and skilled team of SEO experts who have been providing customized search engine optimization services depending upon the needs and requirements of your business. They thoroughly understand and study your business and devise a strategic marketing plan to give guaranteed results.



Below are some important SEO techniques that this team follows to deliver rests of high quality :

1.      Content Quality

The most important rule of gaining higher ranks with search engines is keeping the quantity of your web content rich. Make sure that your content is original and in synch with the topic. Meaningful, original and unique content is the key to long-term success. If your content is good, then your high ranks are assured. Also make sure that you incorporate important keywords in your content but also ensure that you don’t over optimize them as our search engines are becoming smarter day by day.

2.      Mobile Device Optimization

In this era, where online customers are migrating from desktops to various other digital platforms to browse the internet and shop online, we cannot ignore mobile devices while designing an SEO strategy. Hence it is very important to create responsive designs which can work across all platforms with equal efficiency. It is very important that our visitors can view our website on their Smartphones and tablets. It might not be an explicit SEO factor but it is surely important in delivering a comfortable user experience.

3.      Author Rank

It adds value and credibility to your website. Hence in times to come, it will emerge as a very important tool for SEO developers to get better rankings.

4.      Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves different media formats which are helpful in acquiring a greater number of customers like news, infographics, question answer articles, videos and photos. It is all about communicating and interacting with your customers and prospects to stay in touch. It helps in getting lots of back links which are useful in adding value to your content. All these activities generate social signals which eventually build up your SEO value.

All these tools and techniques are helpful in increasing the visibility of your site, increasing the traffic to your web pages and helping you get noticed by the search engines which can get you better ranks thereby boosting your business.

How to Increase Website Visitors from Twitter

Twitter ranks high on the list of favorite social networking sites. There is no doubt that it attracts loads of traffic. In the past few years, it has emerged as a popular social platform to interact and get connected with different people. Because of its simplicity and amazing features, greater numbers of people are joining this networking site which can be leveraged for benefiting the business. Hence it is a smart medium to get more traffic to your business website for free.




The Moon Micro System has a team of SEO experts who can provide customized services tend to generate more traffic to your site using social networking sites, out of which Twitter is one rich option. To use Twitter as a tool for increasing traffic to your website, here are a few steps which can be of great help to your business.


  • Make sure your profile is interesting

Impressive, interesting and informative profile can fetch you a great amount of attention. This acts as your face and is responsible for creating a first impression on your visitors. Make sure you keep it simple, sweet and yet informative to introduce yourself and your business to the visitors.


  • Use your site URL in your profile

Always make sure that you have provided your URL in your bio to get more traffic on your site. If you miss to mention your URL, then you are missing on a golden chance to get more visitors to your site without an additional cost.


  • Connect with your acquaintances on Twitter

It is essential that you invite all your clients, buyers, customers, prospects and other acquaintances to your profile by informing them about your Twitter page and connecting with them by sending a mass invitation.

  • Socialize

Consistency socializing pays you big time. It is advisable that you respond to your posts seriously and promptly. By doing this, you can win the confidence and trust of your audiences by acknowledging their presence and compelling them to follow you more.


  • Be consistent and regular

Be regular in tweeting. It doesn’t take too long to post your tweet but it creates a great impact by showing your promptness and consistency which is essential to keep your followers happy.


  • Benefit from Twitter Feed

Configure your feeds by visiting  which can help you attract a greater number of visitors.


These are some ways in which you can get more traffic using Twitter. Professionals in Moon Micro System can help you by consulting on how you can increase the traffic inflow by creatively utilizing your Twitter account.

Tips for Free Internet Marketing on Facebook

With the advent of the internet, the levels of exposure and number of opportunities have shot up beyond imagination. The web is loaded with golden chances that are still waiting to be captured. The scope to grow and evolve is tremendous.

Businesses also understand the importance of internet marketing and the potential it holds for the businesses to grow and prosper. It is truly limitless. Marketers have also realized the undercover options that can be availed to make businesses hit and fit. Social Networking is one such option which can bring amazing results for the businesses without investing an extra penny.

There are different social networking sites functional on the web but the kind of network Facebook has created all over these years is exceptional. It has emerged as a strong medium to connect people from all over the world. Hence businesses find it a great platform to launch and promote them. But to use it right is the key to success.

facebook marketing tips1


Free Internet Marketing Tips to Make Your Business Hit :

  1. Start Your Facebook Page

Create a unique page on Facebook for your company. Put your logo as the profile picture and introduce your company. Put an informative description of your business along with what services you offer. Good and updated information always earns better ratings.

  1. Interact With Visitors and Customers

Always interact with your customers and prospects. Answer their queries and resolve their issues. It helps in increasing their confidence in the company and establishes a strong bond with a trustworthy image.

  1. SEO Keywords

It is very important to concentrate on the usage of keywords. Using SEO keywords helps in increasing your ranking and attracts more visitors to your page.

  1. Advertise

You can even advertise your brand using Facebook. It helps in keeping your brand on the top shelf memory of customers. You need to showcase your company and products to the masses to market.

  1. Regular Postings and Updates

Make sure you post all latest updates on your page. It helps in keeping your page fresh and lively. Customers love to know about the latest happenings so you must keep them informed through your page.

Keeping all these things in mind while creating your space on Facebook will help you promote your company in a better way. Make sure there is a synchronization in your efforts and your marketing strategy.