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How to Make and Use an e-newsletter to Market Your Online Business

Creating an interesting e-newsletter is very important for any business to promote and market its business on the web. Web markets are loaded with online businesses of all kinds and types and it is essential for you to create a striking impression on the minds of your target audiences so that you can make your business a success.


A marketing strategy is useful if it helps in optimum utilization of all the marketing techniques and e-newsletter is a wonderful way of building the contacts, informing your audiences about your business and staying in regular touch with your customers.


  • How to Make an e-Newsletter

It doesn’t take too long to work on an impressive and eye-catchy e-newsletter if you follow the points mentioned below:

1.  Start by drafting a mailing list. You can have a “subscribe” button on your website or blog and have a good and rich database which has all the basic information about your customers and prospects.

2.  Create a plan to manage the email list which will grow with time. You need to plan in advance about how to deal with the growing numbers.
3.  Be very clear about what you want to talk; don’t just have a newsletter for the heck of it. It should be focused and simple and needs to talk about some issue related to your company or industry.
4.  Have an interesting subject line to attract the readers.
5.  Do not forget to include an eye-catchy call to action button; otherwise your e-newsletter will be ineffective.

So create an interesting and interactive e-newsletter to market your online business in a smart way.


How to Use an e-Newsletter

Once you have successfully created an impressive newsletter to promote your business, you should also be able to use it the way in order to leverage its benefits to your business. Here is how you can do so…

  • Use it to sell your expertise and skills

Having an e-newsletter which is simply talking about the business is not enough if it doesn’t mention about the key skills and services in which your expertise. To grab the interest of the readers, it should include some interesting and problem-solving information which gets the attention of the reader.



  • Use it repetitively

Sending an e-newsletter at once or twice will not get you any business. You have to keep using it in a regular fashion not less that twice in a month because otherwise it will not be able to create a strong impact on the minds of the readers.


  • Use it to interested clients and prospects

Readers will only need your mail if they find it worth reading. So make it interesting and informative, you must include some valuable advice, some problem solving solutions, suggestions for better performance etc. All these important issues really interest the readers.


  • Use it to build stronger relations

Every customer and client is important. You must value each relationship by communicating with your customers from time to time. Tell them about new products and services; keep them updated about the new promotional offers.


  • Use it to increase sales

e-Newsletters can help in increasing the sales for your online business if you include some interesting promotional scheme or discount offer which forces the customers to make purchases.


Keeping all these points in mind, can get you more success in your online business.


Tips to Improve Sales Through Your eCommerce Site

The prime objective of eCommerce web development is to design a website which is efficient and effective in making an increasing number of online sales. Moon Micro Systems offer professional and customized eCommerce web design and development services at affordable prices to help your business flourish and expand.

Impressive products are not enough to make sales. It is very important for an eCommerce website to attract visitors and convert them into customers by engaging them in the purchase process.


Here are some important tips that need to be followed for better selling eCommerce websites :


  • Keep Content and Description Short and Informative

Customers look for information. They don’t like to involve in unnecessary reading. Hence it is very important to keep the precise content and informative instead of making it long and boring to read.

Make sure that the product information on your website is very concise. Try and use bullet points, headings and sub-headings to provide organized content to the visitors which is easier to read and absorb. This surely helps in increasing the sales as customer is confident of making the purchase as he is well informed.


  • Make Sure That the Navigation is Simple

Complicated and confusing navigations irritate and annoy the visitors as they are not able to spot the information or the product they are looking for which usually results into switching on to other websites. Simplicity is the key to make better sales and have repeated sales in future.


  • Use Attractive Visual Layouts

Attractive Visual Layouts

Visual appeal has an important role to play in online shopping, from attracting the visitors to the site and retaining his interest and making him involve in purchasing, visual layout is an important aspect of the whole process. It adds convenience in shopping by providing a pleasant experience. The structure of the site, the layout and color schemes used across the web pages can affect the sales to a large extent.


  • Use Product Differentiation Strategy

Markets are loaded with a plethora of products and services. Hence it is very important for an online site to create a product differentiation in the minds of the customers by using slogans, punch lines and packaging in a more effective manner so that customers can associate with it and become loyal customers of the brand.


  • Use Quality Images

Quality Images

Online shopping is largely dependent on the images as the visitors don’t have the convenience of feeling the product. Hence it is essential to have clean quality images which can give a closer view of the product from different angles. Providing images from varied angles imparts confidence and trust in the customers about the product and the company.

All these tips can enhance and multiply your eCommerce sales. Make sure you imbibe all these tips so that you can optimize your eCommerce website for better growth prospects.

How to Maximize the Success of an Online Business Through Magento

Magento is an open source platform which is used by almost all eCommerce websites. It ensures a smooth and swift working to keep your business going and growing. No matter if it’s a small business or if it’s a company with a turnover in millions, it is the best tool for developing eCommerce websites for businesses of different types and kinds. The flexibility and scalability of this content management system has made it popular with web designers and developers all over the globe.

It gives lots of opportunities to businesses to grow and expand themselves. Businesses can get the websites with best functions at the most affordable prices using Magento. It also takes care of all the safety and security to provide a safe environment for companies to perform their business.


Reasons for using Magento :

It is the most demanded platforms in the whole world. It is helpful in creating interactive and creative storefront for the online shops which showcase different products on sale. Smooth and easy navigation of the well structured eCommerce website motivates the visitor to browse through the store effortlessly. It is truly a pleasure to shop on a Magento eCommerce site while jumping from one page to another.

It is a delight for the online customers to view their product from different angles and enlarge it to get the detailed view of the image. They also have the option to view different images of the same product. An interactive and impressive catalogue showcasing a wide range of products is also a treat to the visitors. Such kind of flexibility is good enough to satisfy the eager customer.

Magento also helps in generating feedbacks of the customers to keep you updated about your performance levels from the point of view of the customers. They can rate the products and leave their comments so that you can improvise your offerings and services to have more satisfied consumers.

It is the most flexible web development tool in existence. Facility to install add-ons makes it more versatile as more and more functions can be added to the site depending upon the subjective needs. You can have a beautifully customized eCommerce website developed using this amazing technology.

To leverage the benefits of this amazing tool, it is advisable to hire experienced and professional team of Magento developers and designers who can create a good looking and well performing online store to showcase your products creatively so that they sell better. Magento is a sure short formula to maximize your chances of success.

Tips To Get Online Business Opportunities

The latest business trend is 24/7. Customers expect our services round the clock 365 days which is why all businesses are going online so that they can serve their customers before their competitors.  You need to be on your toes to grab every opportunity. But now the question is how to find these opportunities when the whole world is there on the web wanting to grab it all. This article can be of great help to you.

online business

  • Deliver an Experience

Shopping is not just about what you buy it is also about the experience you have while shopping. Make sure your customers have pleasant experiences from the time they visit your site up to the time they receive what they have ordered. The whole process of shopping has to be entertaining and zealous.


  • Social Media

These days every customer and every company are present on the social networking sites. It is the best way to connect with your prospects and your customers on a social platform. It is an interactive medium that helps you communicate with the buyers one to one and help you establish your brand in their minds. It is an easy way to market and promote your business.


  • Be Original and Stay Updated

Make sure the content on your site is original an updated. Customers always seek and appreciate the originality. An updated piece of information can bring compel visitors to visit your site again and again.


  • Write Blogs

If you have content to share, then blogging is the best way to use it in your favor. It is the latest way to promote your business and talk about the new products and services that want to launch. It helps you talk to the people and share what you want to share with them. Regular blogging can help your business earn for free.


  • Article Marketing

It is the best media to attract more and more people on your site. It involves writing articles on different topics by the businesses about the various services and products they offer. The intention is to promote the business.


All these steps are useful in attracting traffic to your site. Once your site is listed with the search engines on top, the opportunities will start to flow all by themselves. Make sure that all the efforts that you put in are able to attract and retain customers. The more the traffic, the more would be the probability of getting the business.

Tips to Increase Online Conversion

The competition in the market is intense and fierce. E-Commerce websites are fighting to increase their sales. Achieving greater conversions is the prime motto of the companies. E-Commerce sites need to be conversion friendly so that they can attract more visitors and convert them into happy customers. To do that, it is essential to design and develop a site keeping in mind the customer’s perspective and expectations.

Here are few tips to increase online conversion that can surely win you more conversions  :

1.  Understand Your Targets

It is of utmost importance for companies to know that what are their target markets, their demographics, their psyche etc. All these inputs are helpful in understanding what kind of a design they will like, what factors will influence their buying decision, what the visuals will impact them etc.


2.  Proper Placement of Shopping Cart

Shopping cart should be well placed and properly visible. Visitors don’t like to wait and search for basic things. If they are not able to find the cart easily, they end up being dissatisfied.


3.  Easy Navigation

Smooth and comfortable navigation is the key to conversion. A well organized categorical classification helps the visitors browse what they want in a much easier manner. And if they are able to locate what they want, it helps in increasing their satisfaction levels.


4.  Customized Search

Always offer the option to customize the search as per subjective needs. Customize search brings in a lot of comfort by concentrating on the subjective needs out of the vast number of options available. Customers want a big range to choose from but they also want a customized range.


5.  Product Details and Images

A well drafted description consisting of all important product details with high resolution images from different angles are useful for the visitors to clear their doubts and seal the purchase. Proper details are a catalyst in the purchase process.

6.  Convenience to Make Payments Through Different Modes

Customers want ease of payment. Always incorporate different modes of payment like net banking, credit/ debit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery etc. Keeping a variety of options motivates the customer to make payments the way he wants.


7.  Try to Avoid Shipping Charges

Shipping charges can be discouraging. Customers don’t like to pay for the shipping. Free shipping motivates them to make a purchase. You can also define a certain amount beyond which shipping is free. This will allure them to shop in that range.


All these factors contribute in converting a visitor into a customer. You can attract lots of traffic to your site because of your marketing strategies but the battle is won only when the purchase is made. So always ensure that you leave no stone unturned to make it a smooth and happy shopping experience for your shoppers.