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How To Get Web Design Leads By Online Marketing

Online marketing is all about the marketing and advertising efforts made using the web and email in order to promote the business. Generating web design leads to your web design company by utilizing the benefits of online marketing is a great strategy for your business.

Lead Generation by Online Marketing

But the question is how to utilize the electronic commerce to get leads. This article talks all about getting web design leads via online marketing.

Here are some steps to follow:

  • Social Media Networking

Lead Generation by Social Media

It is essential for any business to be active on social networking websites so that you have more options to connect with a wider and newer base of audiences. The more people you can connect with will get you more opportunities as leads to expand your business. Post interesting content and your recent work and portfolios of your accounts across various social networking sites. Like, comment and interact with people to flaunt your services and knowledge. Your activeness on social platforms gives a very positive impression which can surely get you more clients.


  • Search Engine Optimization

Hire professionals who can optimize your content to the fullest. Having articles and blogs rich in SEO keywords can get you better ranks with search engines. Talking about your range of web design services is a great way of telling people about your offerings. All these efforts will get you increased traffic inflow which is essential to get more lead generations. Hiring SEO professionals are the best way to go about it. It is totally worth the investment because it can get you amazing results in the form of superb leads.


  • Purchase or Collect Email Lists

You always need database in order to connect with a new set of audiences. You need a good number of email ids to create an email blast where you can talk about your company and services offered. You can either collect them over a period of time and use them or you can also buy them from various marketing professionals who can get you a rich database to start. Email marketing is although a traditional way of approaching the audiences, but it is very effective if you follow the approach smartly. Show your work in your emails to impress the reader and compel him to avail your services. It can help you earn lots of leads.


  • Advertise on the sites

If you don’t mind shelling more money than advertising on other websites which are surfed by your audiences is an interesting idea which can surely get you lots of leads. Have a professionally designed banner ads for your company which promote your brand and offerings from efficient graphic designers. Have an interesting landing page designed so that you can grab the attention of the visitor with the best of your work. This can put your company on a wider platform from where you can get lots of opportunities to expand.

Advertisement on LinkedIn

Each of these steps promises your web design company greater number of leads which are essential for the survival of any company. To ensure that you emerge victorious in this era of competition make sure you gear up fast and use online marketing as an effective tool.


Effective Web Page Design for Travel Website

Traveling and holidaying has an outstanding charm and attraction. They help us take a big break from the boring day-to-day life and add more fun to it. Hence it is very important for travel websites to look gorgeous so that they can allure greater number of visitors. Professional travel websites have the potential of providing a mesmerizing work experience with a wonderful appeal which can compel the users to holiday.

Web Page Design for Travel Website

Travel website has made it easier to plan a trip to your destination. Travel business has a wide variety of options to develop amazingly attractive and engaging websites which can get the attention of the travelers.


Here are few points that need to be kept in mind for designing effective web pages for travel web sites :

  • High Quality and Large Professional Photographs

High Quality Travel Photographs

The pictures speak for themselves. They have an important role to play when it comes to getting the attention of the travelers. Professional digital photographs on the home page are a sure-short formula to make your site more appealing. It is all about creating a strong visual impact by optimizing the professional pictures to compel users to explore your site for a wonderful holiday experience.


  • Tell a Story

An interesting story adds up to the charm of your site. It adds easy persuasion which a catalyst in effective motivation. Threading the beautiful pictures into an interesting story can make it more interesting and appealing compared to simply putting in information in a regular format. It is very important that the pictures and the content on the site are able to coordinate effectively so that they can impress the visitors and compel them to choose your site.


  • Play with Flash

Including a vibrant flash photo gallery with interesting effects on the home page can also make your travel site more alluring. If you wish to highlight or promote some specific tourist destination or some specific resort, then flash can work as an effective tool to offer a spectacularly interesting virtual journey on that particular destination to mesmerize the visitors.


  • Social Media

Social Media Optimization

Social media has emerged as a strong platform for introducing and promoting any business. Make sure you don’t forget to create links to different social networking websites where you can interact with your audiences and help them share their views and experiences. Facebook, Twitter etc. are some of the social networking websites which must be included on your web page.


All these points can help you create a more charming and engaging travel site which can force the visitors to stop and browse and plan a holiday with your site and get you more business.


Factors to Consider When Designing a Small Business Website

Every day many new businesses are joining the web markets with professionally designed websites. Increasing numbers of small businesses are getting interested in exploring the online markets. There are various ingredients which go into the making of a great website for small businesses which together synergies to capture the interests of the users and inspire them to explore your site and engage in some kind of business activity with your company.

Here is a list of some important factors which should not be missed while designing an impressive website for blooming businesses so that they can have better growth prospects :


  • Defining Your Company and Business

How to Define Your Company and Business

As soon as a visitor visits your website, he should be able to easily find out about your company and what all you do. You should provide your visitors with all the basic information like your company’s name, the products and services you deal in on the home page itself. This piece of information is helpful in knowing and understanding your company in a better manner by the visitors.


  • Easy Web Address

Keeping the domain name simple is very important so that it can be easily absorbed by the audiences. Your domain name should reflect your brand and the kind of products and services you deal in maintaining its simplicity and effectiveness. Do not use dashes and numbers because it can confuse the users.


  • Simplified Navigation

A well-organized and simple navigation is a key to a great performance of any website. Small businesses should ensure that their site has a smooth layout which can effectively lead the user to the information he is been looking for.


  • Easy to Spot Contact Details


Make sure that the user does not have to browse through the web pages looking for contact information. The contact details need to be very easily visible. The most common place for placing the contact details is on top right or left corner. Also ensure that you incorporate different media to contact like phone number, email address etc. Along so that users can contact you easily.


  • Include Testimonials

How to Include Testimonials

Having your customers speaks for you is the best and most authentic way of passing on the genuine information across the target audiences. It develops a feeling of trust and confidence in the hearts of visitors about your company and services.


  • SEO Friendly, Unique and Fresh Content

Content is an important pillar of a website. Hence it is very important for small businesses to focus on their content by incorporating important keywords in it and maintaining its originality with regularly updating it. Informative and authentic content can do wonders for any website by getting it a higher ranking with the search engines which means more traffic and great business.


  • Professional Designing

Small businesses should hire professional web designers who can create appealing and user-friendly designs for their websites customized to meet their subjective needs. From picking the right color combinations to play with typography; everything has to be done is a professional way so that the website compliments the business through and through.


Each of these practices is essential in achieving the goal of a great performing website for small businesses so that they can compete and conquer their competitors.

Beneficial Tips for Making an Attractive Website

Each one of us wants to have the maximum hits on our website. We wish that the visitor should spend a good amount of his time on it. But how should we make that happen? The answer is quite simple. We need to create such an experience that holds his attention and he is bound to stay and browse what we have to offer. We should aim at creating an attractive website.

web design tips

Here are the beneficial tips to make this task simpler and easier :

  • Hire Web Developer

To create a site, we first need to hire a competent and experienced web developer. It is his responsibility to manage the back end of the site and carry out all the programming related tasks. The onus of the smoothly functioning site totally lies on his shoulders. Hiring a good developer is laying the first stone right.

  • Hire Web Designer

Once the coding is done, the role of web designer comes up. He needs to create the face of the website, the way we want it should appear to the visitors. He should be able to put up all the work done by the developer in a user friendly and organized manner that should be great to look at.

  • Open Source Implementation

While getting the site developed, we need to make sure that it is developed on a well constructed open source implementation so that it can easily be used for the commercial applications without any hassle.

  • Outsourcing the Work

The whole world has shrunk into a small unit, thanks to technology. And there are various advantages attached with it. We can get the best of the work done at the cheapest rates from anywhere in the world. We can hire an expert web developer in New York and assign web design in India and hence enjoy the best of both the worlds. Segmenting the work and outsourcing it as per the caliber can enhance the quality of the output.

  • Select the Aesthetics Wisely

Be very cautious while selecting the font size, font color, the background color scheme, the layout of web pages, the length of a web page, use of images etc. All these points together give a beautiful face to our site, so they need to be selected thoughtfully. Don’t use very bright colors as they damage the experience. Don’t overburden the website with lots of information and images otherwise it will make it slow. Strike a perfect blend and make it look pleasing to the eyes.


A visitor should never leave our webpage because of a bad surfing experience. He should be able to enjoy the whole process of browsing. His attention, retention and the duration of time he spends on our site would totally depend upon the ease he feels while he was there on it. After all, our website is the face of our company, so it should always look good.

Steps to Make a High Quality Website Design

The appearance of a website is a result of its design. While designing a site, we should play creatively, keeping in mind the principles of aesthetics. Whether a visitor will stay or not, or will he visit the site again or not; it totally depends on the quality of the website. The calculation is quite simple… the better the quality, the more will the visitors.


High Quality Website Design


But now the question that pops up is how to create such a site? It is no tough job provided you have a right team to put the plan into action and a team of experts to draft a foolproof design plan. We can avail web design services from different service providers from all over the globe and create a team of our own having expertise in their respective areas. For example, we can hire a web designer in Melbourne or we can outsource the task to a web design company in New York. Likewise we can outsource web development in Florida and the avail rest of the services from IT solution providers in India itself.


quality in web design


Here are a few steps mentioned in brief to help you create a premium website design :

  • Create a Layout :

It helps you plan your actions. It shall include the purpose and objective of the site. It helps you direct your energy in the right direction. It shall also include the basic structure of how you wish to present the information—the number of web pages, the length of web pages etc.

  • Innovation and Designing :

This is the next important step that should involve creativity and experimentation in developing a design that provides effortless browsing experience to the visitors. It should include the color schemes, themes, font style and color, background, use of flash and images. All this needs to be done with an aim of providing a classic soothing feel. Remember do not outdo the look as it will end up spoiling all the efforts.

  • Coding :

Once we know what you want, we shall begin creating it using the right kind of programming language. Make sure the team is competent enough to implement the plan and design into action and transform it into a fully functional website.

  • Quality Assurance :

Always make sure that all the matter available on the site is relevant and reliable. One should always keep testing the content for its validity and relevance. The content that flashes should be always correct and authentic. This helps creating a brand gradually.

  • Regular Maintenance :

Once the site has started to work, it doesn’t mean the story ends here. You need to keep it updated and refresh with time. All the information and facts that appear on it should be latest. This will make it competent and lead to a satisfied customer base.


Quality is always more important than quantity. Make it a point that whatever content has been posted is flawless. Keeping the quality levels high and maintaining those since the start is helpful in creating an invincible website.

Flat Yet Impressive Designs

Flat designs are about simplicity blended with style. After creating the most complicated designs, designers are now migrating back to basics by creating simple and interesting designs.

Flat is the latest buzz. Lucid, uncomplicated, stylish and colorful- that is the new mantra of the dynamic designers. Keeping it plain yet attractive with comfortable to read content is the latest trend. It is all about creating room for simple solids.

Some Flat Designs…





These designs are so simple and clear. They are interactive and informative. User can easily understand the message behind each one of these.


Goodness of Flat Designs

Of course flat designs have been gaining a great popularity with time. There are various reasons to back it up :

  • Bold and beautiful
  • Simple
  • Colorful and lively
  • Attractive and eye catchy
  • Clean
  • Modern
  • Easy Navigation
  • Great for Responsive Designs
  • Interactive
  • Informative


Good Bye Skeuomorphism

After being used for lot many years, gradually the use of skeuomorphism is declining. It is nothing but an art of making the elements look like objects from the real world or past. Designing the interface using this technique involves a large room of risk because it is not always possible to create something from the real world in a right format. It is very easy to pinpoint the weak areas. Designers have started to bid good-bye to this technique and adapt a more simplified and easy to use flat design technique.


Flat versus Skeuomorphism

There was an era when skeuomorphism was in use in full swing. All websites had beautiful interfaces created out of this technique. But in the present times, the equation has changed and so have the trends. Designers are creating sorted and creative designs attract visitors. The focus is more on style and creativity. Simple can be more effective and impressive than complicated.

Nothing stays constant, in times to come even flat designs will get replaced by some other technology. It is cycle of dynamic changes.

How to Make an Attractive Website Design Portfolio

An eye catching website portfolio design can do wonders for your website. It exhibits your designs in an innovative manner to make clients aware of your work. It speaks for you. A good looking and impressive website design portfolio is an amazing way of attracting and holding the interest of your visitors. It is nothing but a compilation of a work done by you in order to market yourself in a more effective manner.

It is not an overnight task to create an impressive collection. It demands constant efforts. You need to keep doing good work so that you can utilize its benefits later.

Web Design Portfolio2

Here is how you can showcase your work in the best possible manner :

  1. Build up a Good Collection

The most important task is to develop a good collection of your work. Keep doing a good job and keep adding more feathers to your hat so that when you wish to have a portfolio, you can showcase your best projects and market yourself in a better fashion.

  1. Pick up the Best Designs

Once you have developed a decent collection you can select the best of the designs to put them on your website. Make sure whatever work you are planning to put on the website for your clients speaks of qualities like innovation, dedication, uniqueness etc.

Web Design Portfolio

  1. Group Your Collection

It is very important to categorize your designs rather than putting all of them on the site and making a mess out of it. Categories will help the clients view your work in an organized and effective manner. You can group them based on the technology used or themes or purpose. Remember display of work is equally important.

  1. Put Testimonials

Testimonials are the best way of telling the world about your work. Have your clients spoken for your work. Use these feedback’s smartly by placing them so that they are as visible as your portfolios.

  1. Go for Simple Display and Navigation

Always opt for simplicity while showcasing your designs. Ensure that the color schemes are simple but attractive and the layout is easy to navigate. Complicated displays can confuse the visitors. Attractive and simple display sells better.

Web Design Portfolio1

  1. Update Regularly

Make sure you can add and delete designs conveniently because it is must for you to keep adding your new projects to the collection and dropping the old ones. It should be fresh and trendy. Maintain your pace with the changes happening in the market.

These are simple steps that can help you have interesting and eye catchy portfolios which can compel the visitors to browse and look for more.